Thursday, October 23, 2008

the phantom of the opera.

i guess this makes me incredibly uncultured in the arts department, but i've never been to a real play. like broadway style. just plenty of concerts and movies. last night kera called to say she had an extra ticket to go see the phantom of the opera and if i wanted to go with her tonight. it's been in town for a few weeks. of course, i did. and it was so awesome! one of my favorite parts was the giant chandalier that floated to the middle of the theater and crashed on the floor. i need to rent the movie now and get some more background. i'm so lame, i brought my camera- but no battery...nice. thank for taking me kera!!

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Kera said...

I am SO happy you could come with me, and you didn't talk my ear off, I loved every minute. Lets go on a double date soon with Merv, can't wait to meet him.