Friday, October 31, 2008

trick or treat.

baking & decorating cupcakes is not my speciality. i created the most hideous cupcakes the world has ever know for cody's school party this afternoon. but to make up for it, i made some super rad goodie bags to hand out too. cody requested candy corn decorations so we came to an agreement by adding reeses peices since most people hate candy corn. happy halloween!
(...or harvest fest as cody's school call it....whatever.)

feast your eyes on these festive pictures from our latest punkin-gettin' adventure:
(cody and brinley mostly liked picking up pumpkins and moving them to a new spot...)


Marnie said...

Your cupcakes look fine. Candy corns are creapy-but I love them.

Darla said...

I think candy corns are delish. But I'm a sugarholic. Hey, we watched Expelled the other night. Good movie. Hey, have you seen "Once" yet? You HAVE to rent it. SOO good..., and VERY good music. (: