Sunday, November 30, 2008


this is a great story. maybe merv will get more than a turkey for a chirstmas bonus this year. ;)

Monday, November 24, 2008


some crafty things in the works....


last years on thanksgiving we cracked out a huge box of vintage buttons, some straight pins and some styrafoam cones and made button trees. they were a HUGE hit and super kid friendly. plus they were a great entertainer for everyone since they take forever to make. we all wanted to do them again this year, but the problem is finding enough cool buttons. last year i hit the jackpot at an estate sale. the lady basically threw the box of vintage buttons in for free with all of the clothes i was hauling away. in order to make them, you need tons of buttons and the craft dept. at walmart is pretty lame as far as bulk buttons go and they are super expensinve at craft & hobby shops. so i checked around and found a lady on etsy who was willing to sell me a bulk lot of 10,000.... maybe i over did it a little, but we figured maybe a thousand a tree to be safe. some people like to do color themes but i prefer random sizes and colors. these things look great in clusters- having 3 or 4 trees of different sizes next to each other.

anyway, here they are from last year. i'll get pictures of the outcome this year:


also, i'm a big fan of advent calendars. my mom always had this quilted tree one hanging in our house with little ornament balls all over it. as each of the 24 days passed, we fought over who got to move the ornaments around. i loved it.

this year, i found a few advent calendar designs that i thought were cool so i'm combining them. this is a great way to keep your holidays a little less commercial and ad more quality family time. first, you find 12 pair of various sized socks in red, green & white patterns and colors. i say stick with baby/kid sizes. then you number them 1-24. i've seen this done several ways but i'm going to try the cute iron on letters in random sizes and styles that you can find at pretty much any craft store. (...or if i'm brave maybe hand stiching the numbers on...) next, pin them the stockings to a long peice of ribbon or twine garland using tiny clothespins.

in each sock, instead of candy or a treat- you roll a peice of paper with an activity for the day written on it. this is the fun part. you can basically come up with anything that your family would enjoy doing together. simple stuff like making cookies, drinking hot chocolate and eggnog, watching christmas movies, looking at Christmas lights or more involved stuff like gingerbread houses. (this reminds me of a couple of stories: one year we made some at my aunt noras house while arah and i were babysitting the kiddos so aunt nora could Christmas shop... we worked on those things ALL day. it must have taken forever to get all of the sugar glue off of the table...but it was worth it cause i still remember it. i also remember another gingerbread house i made in 1st grade. i was so proud of it and while i was walking home from school i dropped it and it broke. i was devestated but my mom glued it back together and put it on display in this little glass showcase table she had....i'll never forget that.)

anyway, the whole point is to get your family to make memories together. you can set the days up so that the activities land on good nights that will work best for everyone. i think i'll keep a list of all the activities and the dates so i can be prepared ahead for each day. my sister and becca and i are all going to make one during thanksgiving. this way we can buy 3 dozen socks to mix and match. here's a sample and i'll get a picture of the finished product too:

some ideas of activities to fill the stockings i've found:

make paper snowflakes and decorate the windows and hang from ceiling.
anonymously buy a gift for a family in need.
decorate the tree and drink eggnog .
go see the lights.
family game night.
make a paper chain.
go ice skating.
bake a batch of Christmas sugar cookies & decorate.
bake another batch of Christmas cookies and share with neighbors.
watch a Christmas movie with plenty of blankets pillows and treats.
make breakfast (maybe citrus french toast?so good...) for dinner.
check out the Christmas lights downtown and take the horsey carriage ride.
unwrap one present. (maybe a Christmas eve idea...)
have hot chocolate with all the fixings like candy canes stir sticks and marshmallows.
write a letter to santa.
make an ornament for the tree.
have a camp out around the Christmas tree.
make handmade gift tags for relativesget a fresh wreath.
polish toenails in Christmas colors.
make peanut butter pinecones to feed birds.
read the Christmas story and leave out milk and cookies for Santa.
going food shopping and bring food to a food bank.
telling Christmas stories by the fireplace.
go bowling.
plan our next family vacation.
have a slide show of photos on a projector.
build a snowman and snow angels and make snow cream.
do a little stargazing.
taking silly pictures all together of each other.
bake homemade bread from scratch.
make a great fort.
write down some questions and record interviews of kiddo.
have a fondue night. chocolate and cheese dipped goodness.
make a gingerbread house go pick out annual Christmas ornaments.
go sledding.

when i really think about what i love best about the holiday season is the relaxing, watching movies and having a cozy time with my family at home so those are probably the kinds of activities we will include the most.

got any more ideas before we make "thee official" list??

Sunday, November 23, 2008

matt, becca & kami

& kami:
all have birthdays next to each other november 22,23 & 24 . happy birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuu.......all. it's crazy to think that the baby of the family(kami) is now 28.

last night on kami's birthday we went to mom & dads and had exploding fudge brownie sundaes ( i didn't realize that the fudge didn't need to be heated for quite so long in the microwave and it blew up ever where....)

then we played xbox rockband. i'm addicted. even though i completly suck.

matt & arah took turns being our star vocal performers. i attempted to give it a shot and failed miserably.

....totally looking forward to thanksgiving when everyone else will be here to play.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


the dynamics of our family really change when we aren't all home together while merv is working out of town. not so much of an urgency to be home right away (even though cody has school tommorrow, so we had to rush home when i realized the car clock read 8:55pm to put on jammies, finish homework, grab a bedtime snack, brush teeth, and off to bed with a quick bed time book reading... he went pretty easily and peacefully though....)
it was kind of a nice break when arah called me this afternoon as i was picking cody up from school to ask if we wanted to go hang out. she msut have sensed i need it. i've been working on all kinds of stuff like crazy and really needed a change of scenery and some chit chat (and baby loves). some times i really have to pry myself away and take a break from working. i feel like i'm never caught up or doing enough. so arah & i did a little christmas browsing at the mall and the kids were stoked to see thee-real-one-and-only-santa (already?) and then the kids insisted on ihop "pamcakes" for dinner.
so anyway, the point of all of this is that i was missing merv when we finally got home and settled and this was a great opportunity for me to do one of these dumb tags that kera tagged me with. (i don't think your dumb though, kera. your pretty great.)

What's your husband’s name? mervyn eggleston jr. (no middle name here.)

How long have you guys been married?7 years 4 months.

How long did you date? gee...we really didn't "date" we just hung out almost 24/7 for about 6 months when one day on the way home from my cousin missy's wedding decided we should get married (and did about 6 weeks later on the beach which was lovely) after my mom talked me out of eloping. i just never really wanted about a big wedding with all of the stress and expense. (but for the record: i reccomend a little longer engagement....)

How old is he? 34 and still in the same exact shape as his high school days but much more refined...

Who eats more sweets? i am a sugar addict. but merv doesn't need to much arm twisting when i make something sweet to eat. we kind of love to buy those pre made cookie dough rolls of chocolate chip cookie dough and cook them and scarf them while they are hot and gooey and watch a late night movie.

Who is the better singer? ummm.... really? i have to choose. we both equally suck. we just need more practice mostly.

Who is smarter? merv is a genius with all history and wierd facts and chess. he rules at jeopardy and you want him on your trivial pursuit team cause he ALWAYS wins. but i'm pretty good at computer stuff like html and photoshop junk. (and the mastermind game.)

Who does the laundry? i do. but i don't love it. it multiplies at an impossible rate.

Who pays the bills? me. i don't mind that so much with all of the computer techonology and less stamps and envelopes.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? him for now. i think we'll change sides if we have the bambino in the room. his side is farther from the window and i don't want the newborn near the cold window.

Who mows the lawn? we split that. it depends on the year really. i actually kind of like to mow the lawn and keep it healthy, happy, green and fertilized. it goes hand in hadn with gardening and keeping the bird feeders full. i must have inherited that from my dad. king of the almost all year long green lawn.

Who cooks dinner? always me. but he makes good weekend breakfast.

Who drives? he does.

Who is the first to say they are wrong? i'd have to say 50/50. we've gotton a million time better with arguing. it has evolved from arguing to becoming a debate with a good outcome. we talk through the wrong doings.

Who kissed who first? gosh, i don't think i know. probably me. but i do remember that his long nose poked me.

Who asked who out first? his sweet baby sister introduced us up while she was delivering her baby at the hospital. he was there so she called to see if i could come. little did we know she was really setting us up.....we kind of both had relationship type stuff at the time so we didn't really hang out until about 6 months later when he called and asked me if i wanted to go do something.

Who wears the pants? ummm thats tough too. we make mojor decisions together but merv is pretty much go with the flow all of the time. he likes me to be happy.

jumping blindly into marriage with many years of mistakes and trials has been tricky, but we have grown with a lot of serious dedication together more than ever over the past year or so. not only does he have the softest forehead (wierd commment, i know), a great complection and superman biceps & strength, he is also brave, smart, physicaly active, loves me at my worst and has a quirky dry sense of humor. i respect and love him and am so thankful he is a good father and enjoys just chilling out on the couch with me, his ever expanding pregnant wife.

for your viewing pleasure to enhance the dialog....

taken on our 6th anniversary(i think?) we went to play at the river this toasty august day:

super date idea: go to sharp shooters for the 2/1 special on friday nights and target practice. super fun!! (great date tip: have each person alternate date week ideas. they should pick something they think the other person would enjoy doing...this date night idea was brought to you by julie. super creative huh?)

i love this silly picture little 4 year old cody took for us:
i simply love this picture and need more like this of merv. super relaxed and content:
the end.

(feel free to play along and do a tag of your own if you like....)

Monday, November 17, 2008

cody loves.

cody loves tiny sarah. he was so proud of himself that he could lift her up and hold her so high (while sitting on the couch...) and he can't get over how soft she is.

i think i've taken about 10,000 pictures of her, but i'll give them to arah to post on her blog, since she is arahs baby after all. but i have to post this one:
she loves to do leg lifts. she kicks her legs out and just chills.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


this website is super useful when undecided on baby names. you just pop in the names that your interested in and it generates more names similar to what you like.... ;)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

baby bird.

i am completly in love with this little thing. merv thinks i'm obsessed.

last night we were suppose to take the movies back to the other side of town, but i told merv i would rather pay late fees and go play with the baby instead. :)

Saturday, November 8, 2008

hello baby.

my sister had her sweet baby girl sarah mae this afternoon. she is so precious and has the most hair i've ever seen on a baby. thank you SOOOOO much joy, for saving the day and taking cody so i could be at the hospital for her birth. arah did super and made delivering a baby look like a piece of cake. i can't wait to get my hands on her some more. :) check out arahs blog for more pictures!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


i love etsy. lately i've been browsing through all of the baby girl headbands and barretts. i bought these ones.

i was checking out the baby blankets too, and considered buying one but decided to buy fabric instead and make the baby girl a quilt myself. etsy has the best fabric ever. you can't get this stuff at joanne's. so i picked out some for my blanket makeing adventure.

i wasn't really sure what i wanted to do with it, but my mom (and sister) helped me make a couple of little blankets. actually, they did most of the work and i supervised. :) i really suck with sewing machines. mostly just the threading-the-machine part. i've made a ton of quilts in my life, but always supervised. my poor mom has taught me about a million times, but it flies right out of my brain. anyway, we came up with a couple of sweet little blankets with super soft chenille-type fabric on back. heres one:
i think i'll make some burp clothes and bibs with the other fabric. i also want to eventually make one of these kind of beachy-patchworky quilts using new & vintage fabric:

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

i voted!

....just not for the guy who won. quite frankly, he freaks me out. i didn't really like any of the options available and i tried to pick the lesser evil.

hello to socialsim and people getting something for nothing!!!
...housing, education and my personal favorite: health care.
goodbye to work ethic, morals, personal responsibility & accountablility.
hello to partial birth abortions and tolerance.
goodbye to national defense and the best military in the world
and to private gun owner rights....

....but heres to hoping i am wrong, about all of this "change" and Obama and about electing a man who has not proven his character with his actions but rather with his incredibly mesmerizing public speaking skills alone.

i mean, people were being interviewed saying things like: "i voted for obama because ummm, he rocks!!" i don't know a thing about him or what he's done but i'll vote for him because it's just so darn hip and this guy over here voted for him, so he must be great....

i'll be quite now. i'm hesitating even posting this. and hope i don't get shot. i realize that many people don't agree with me (obviously...). please don't get me wrong. i do think that our country is in dire need of change just not what this guy has to offer. i am not anti-american and i do support our country and believe we are all entitled to our opionions. i'm entitled to my opinion too, right? i learn a lot from hearing others points of view i would really like to hear the opinion of people who agree or disagree.