Thursday, November 6, 2008


i love etsy. lately i've been browsing through all of the baby girl headbands and barretts. i bought these ones.

i was checking out the baby blankets too, and considered buying one but decided to buy fabric instead and make the baby girl a quilt myself. etsy has the best fabric ever. you can't get this stuff at joanne's. so i picked out some for my blanket makeing adventure.

i wasn't really sure what i wanted to do with it, but my mom (and sister) helped me make a couple of little blankets. actually, they did most of the work and i supervised. :) i really suck with sewing machines. mostly just the threading-the-machine part. i've made a ton of quilts in my life, but always supervised. my poor mom has taught me about a million times, but it flies right out of my brain. anyway, we came up with a couple of sweet little blankets with super soft chenille-type fabric on back. heres one:
i think i'll make some burp clothes and bibs with the other fabric. i also want to eventually make one of these kind of beachy-patchworky quilts using new & vintage fabric:


Josh n Betsie said...

cute! YOu need to go to my friends bow blog. She makes GREAT bows. I love them. Actually they are the only ones I have.

Arah said...

we need to just buy the supplies and make our own, know that we know how. Then we can match them to outfits we already have. Also, do you think that Lola will actually have any hair? Or be a cute baldy, like Cody?

Darla said...

Julie! I LOVE those fabrics. You girls are all so creative..I need to get my mother-in-law to teach me to quilt. Or sew..., whichever. (:

Lisa Farman said...

Those barrettes are so stinking cute. I love them. The fabric you pick out is beautiful, everything just looks wonderful. You have one lucky baby girl on the way. :-)