Wednesday, November 19, 2008


the dynamics of our family really change when we aren't all home together while merv is working out of town. not so much of an urgency to be home right away (even though cody has school tommorrow, so we had to rush home when i realized the car clock read 8:55pm to put on jammies, finish homework, grab a bedtime snack, brush teeth, and off to bed with a quick bed time book reading... he went pretty easily and peacefully though....)
it was kind of a nice break when arah called me this afternoon as i was picking cody up from school to ask if we wanted to go hang out. she msut have sensed i need it. i've been working on all kinds of stuff like crazy and really needed a change of scenery and some chit chat (and baby loves). some times i really have to pry myself away and take a break from working. i feel like i'm never caught up or doing enough. so arah & i did a little christmas browsing at the mall and the kids were stoked to see thee-real-one-and-only-santa (already?) and then the kids insisted on ihop "pamcakes" for dinner.
so anyway, the point of all of this is that i was missing merv when we finally got home and settled and this was a great opportunity for me to do one of these dumb tags that kera tagged me with. (i don't think your dumb though, kera. your pretty great.)

What's your husband’s name? mervyn eggleston jr. (no middle name here.)

How long have you guys been married?7 years 4 months.

How long did you date? gee...we really didn't "date" we just hung out almost 24/7 for about 6 months when one day on the way home from my cousin missy's wedding decided we should get married (and did about 6 weeks later on the beach which was lovely) after my mom talked me out of eloping. i just never really wanted about a big wedding with all of the stress and expense. (but for the record: i reccomend a little longer engagement....)

How old is he? 34 and still in the same exact shape as his high school days but much more refined...

Who eats more sweets? i am a sugar addict. but merv doesn't need to much arm twisting when i make something sweet to eat. we kind of love to buy those pre made cookie dough rolls of chocolate chip cookie dough and cook them and scarf them while they are hot and gooey and watch a late night movie.

Who is the better singer? ummm.... really? i have to choose. we both equally suck. we just need more practice mostly.

Who is smarter? merv is a genius with all history and wierd facts and chess. he rules at jeopardy and you want him on your trivial pursuit team cause he ALWAYS wins. but i'm pretty good at computer stuff like html and photoshop junk. (and the mastermind game.)

Who does the laundry? i do. but i don't love it. it multiplies at an impossible rate.

Who pays the bills? me. i don't mind that so much with all of the computer techonology and less stamps and envelopes.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? him for now. i think we'll change sides if we have the bambino in the room. his side is farther from the window and i don't want the newborn near the cold window.

Who mows the lawn? we split that. it depends on the year really. i actually kind of like to mow the lawn and keep it healthy, happy, green and fertilized. it goes hand in hadn with gardening and keeping the bird feeders full. i must have inherited that from my dad. king of the almost all year long green lawn.

Who cooks dinner? always me. but he makes good weekend breakfast.

Who drives? he does.

Who is the first to say they are wrong? i'd have to say 50/50. we've gotton a million time better with arguing. it has evolved from arguing to becoming a debate with a good outcome. we talk through the wrong doings.

Who kissed who first? gosh, i don't think i know. probably me. but i do remember that his long nose poked me.

Who asked who out first? his sweet baby sister introduced us up while she was delivering her baby at the hospital. he was there so she called to see if i could come. little did we know she was really setting us up.....we kind of both had relationship type stuff at the time so we didn't really hang out until about 6 months later when he called and asked me if i wanted to go do something.

Who wears the pants? ummm thats tough too. we make mojor decisions together but merv is pretty much go with the flow all of the time. he likes me to be happy.

jumping blindly into marriage with many years of mistakes and trials has been tricky, but we have grown with a lot of serious dedication together more than ever over the past year or so. not only does he have the softest forehead (wierd commment, i know), a great complection and superman biceps & strength, he is also brave, smart, physicaly active, loves me at my worst and has a quirky dry sense of humor. i respect and love him and am so thankful he is a good father and enjoys just chilling out on the couch with me, his ever expanding pregnant wife.

for your viewing pleasure to enhance the dialog....

taken on our 6th anniversary(i think?) we went to play at the river this toasty august day:

super date idea: go to sharp shooters for the 2/1 special on friday nights and target practice. super fun!! (great date tip: have each person alternate date week ideas. they should pick something they think the other person would enjoy doing...this date night idea was brought to you by julie. super creative huh?)

i love this silly picture little 4 year old cody took for us:
i simply love this picture and need more like this of merv. super relaxed and content:
the end.

(feel free to play along and do a tag of your own if you like....)


CrazyMomof7 said...

That was fun to read. I can't believe that you have been married that long!

Kera said...

sorry if that tag was painful for you but I sure love reading them :)

Darla said...

Thanks for the read Julie. You too are just too stylish for me. Look at Merv in that last pic. What a hottie pants! (: Nah, don't get all possessive on me..I love my man. (:

Darla said...

Don't ask me WHAT I was saying in that last comment. Just trying to be funny, I guess. {: