Monday, December 1, 2008


this weekend for thanksgiving we:
*hung out with brian becca & the kiddo's
*& uncle gary & karri
*created our first thanksgiving dinner without mom (or dad) in their house.
*made lovely buttons trees
*played rockband galore ( i think creating and dressing up the characters might be the best part) *ate
*loved on baby sarah.
*went shopping at 4am like a bunch of lunatics
*passed the 24 hour flu around (i haven't been that sick since cody was about 6 months old. really.)
*watched dumb movies
*played beauty shop
*chatted a lot
*played carcasson
*let arah make grandma dot's peanut butter fudge so we could eat it
*tried to get a picture of karri without her hands in front of her face (unsuccesfully...)
* and got our tree up at home. :)

after posting these pictures, it looks like all we did was make buttons trees and played rockband. that's because we did. and it was great.


Darla said...

LOVING your pics, Julie!! We're gonna do the button trees. How should I go about getting all those buttons, though?? I can't WAIT to get my hands on that gorgeous beeb!!!

emily alex sarabia bunch said...

Julie we love looking at your pics we are going to try to drive across country to see all the fam in March we will see you then love emily. Wish we were there we spent thanksgiving with just our fam watching movies and pigging out.

Marnie said...

Looks and sounds like you all had fun, except for the flu part.

Kaisa Bailey said...

and if it makes you guys feel ANY better, we ALL got the stomach flu too. Your button trees look so fun and much more kid-friendly.