Tuesday, January 27, 2009

some more of 35ish weeks.

merv snapped these sunday afternoon.

sweet cody.

merv is working over in seattle for a few days.
cody usually asks if he can sleep in my bed when he's out of town...

he's a pretty good cuddle bug and i love taking advantage of the short time we have left with just him as the only baby around here.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

35 weeks.

i am at the point in the pregnancy where my lower back is killing me. i finally went in for an adjustment and found out they were having a special on massages right now so i got one of those too. it was heavenly and relieved so much stress and pressure. if you have never had the pleasure of a maternity massage i highly reccomend it. i made an appointment for merv and i to go in for tandem massages next week.... kind of like an early valentines gift. :)
(picture courtesy of cody.)

baby shower, vintage baby quilt & crib.

arah & kera were very sweet and threw me a baby shower. the food was super yummy.....

and i ate about 50 of these brownie things...

most of the pictures are not so great however. actually, just the ones with me in them. i look like freaking moron with my facial expressions. do i always look so lame and super excited? maybe its the added chins.... anyway, it was a lot of fun and i received all kinds of cute goodies for the baby. i was totally suprised when i opened this handmade quilt from my sister.
it has special signifigance because it is partially made from scraps of vintage dresses that i have altered and sold in the past. the material had been sitting in a bag in my basement forever. i couldn't bring myself to get rid of it so i gave it to arah. she is creative and whipped this out. i LOVE it and can't wait to tell the baby the history behind it.

also, my sisters and mama went in on this beautiful crib. i love it too. the room is kind of in the midst of being put together....
so here is a better catalog pic:

you guys are all awesome & i love you. :)

Sunday, January 18, 2009


we took cody up snowboarding yesterday to mt. spokane. ( imostly did the observing and sitting around part...) the weather was awesome. we figured this year he was really ready to learn to snow board. i know some people take 2 and 3 year olds up but for us, 6 was good. :) mt. spokane isn't the top choice mountain, but the bunny hill is great for teaching kids... the place was packed though with a ski race going on.
" ya ma, these are good boots..."
"...and the board is just about right too. i'll carry it."

...aunt kami came for moral support and to help merv out teaching cody.
after the first run down, he was decided it was too hard and that he was done. so, he came in and hung out with me for awhile and we had a pep talk. i was in a nazi mom mood and told him he was going 3 times before he decides if its too hard.
... he did go down thre more times and after that, he loved it and we coudn't get him to stop.

...until aunt kami accidentaly trying to ammputate his leg with her board. he was done after that.

...we were all super pooped and ready to go home at the end of the day. especially me after a long day of sitting in the lodge drinking hot cocoa.

the end.

Monday, January 12, 2009

t shirts.

this place has great onsies & tshirts for babies. it's like urban outfitters for kids!
(love the grown up shirts too...)
my favs:

Sunday, January 11, 2009

silly baby.

the baby didn't want to cooperate very much for her picture so this is the best shot that we got. she wanted to cover up her face and we couldn't get a nice profile. but she is super healthy and getting fatter. right on target to be an 8 pounder. cody was 7lbs14oz and i'm thinking she might beat that. still totally undecided on the name.....

Sunday, January 4, 2009


new years eve consisted of huge dinner and then lighting off illigal fireworks and scaring the crap out of mom. she was waiting for the cops to show up any minute. thankfully theres still 3 feet of snow covering everything so nothing exploded or burnt down or even started on fire. accept the fire works. and of course we had the traditional new years baby shoes... a much anticipated erickson family tradion. we grew up assuming everyone celebrated the new years baby. (...my cousin marisa touched on the topic here if your interested. check out her coments too....)
this year will be a little different adjusting to life again with a newborn and so will be my resolutions. i had to eliminate a some things from the list like taking a 6week trip around the world with merv and i'm still trying to figure just how i am going to run a marathon with a breasfeeding infant...hmmmm... but i guess i'll do the best i can.

so here goes:

learn how to use the camera properly. i should take a full blown class or something.

get in good enough condition to run or even walk bloomsday. (it's only about 2 months after bambino arrives so it wil be a little tricky for me.)

take a trip (or 2) to maybe go see the olympic rain forests & san juan islands.... maybe take cody to lego land.

run a 1/2 marathon. (sf maybe? kera?)

go to the esther-ann family reunion in lake tahoe next summer.

finish extra bedroom in basement.... and hopefully the rebuild the back deck of doom.....

plant an above ground garden.

rip out dr suess tree in front yard and plant some aspen trees instead.

get a dog and name it sam. (codys name of choice. its a good name. we had a dog named sam growing up and we loved him very much.)

put up some dang closet doors in our bedroom already.

put up some pictures around the house. they all came down after we remodeled and we have been hesitant to rehang anything that doesn't serve a purpose or that we don't love.

organize my recipe stash. currently it's a huge wad of ripped out magazine pages and recipes scattered on the back of codys homework that sit in the top of my cupboard.

whip my skin into shape after the baby comes. this pregnancy has been hell on it. not that i've ever had the worlds greatest complection. (any advice would be GREATLY appreciated. my sister in law introduced me to dermalogica and bare minerals and i love them both. and her too.)

take up a new hobby. something i really look forward to doing,like screen printing with merv so we can make rad tshirts or something.

play the guitar. for real this time.

put all of our music and cds onto one hard drive that we can share with both of our ipods and computers and stuff. i can't stand the clutter of all of those cd cases everywhere.frame & hang our map collection down the stair case.

maybe finish like one complete project before starting another.

read at least a book a month.

start a memoir. i now it sounds super cliche but i've always wanted to write a story about my life experiences. even if its just for me to read. not something i would ever publish or anything. i've journaled most of my life, but i'd like to go back and write a lot of stories i remember from my childhood and past and some that my parents and grandparents have told me.

turn 30 with a little dignity & grace. :)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

flashback 2008.

backwords review

plenty of decking the halls and decorating cookies

finch arboretum to see the leaves
pumpkins & apples

halloween parties

starting 1st grade

county fair

canning pickles

celebrating birthdays
back to school haircut baby girl

pregnancy cravings for lots of breakfast at perry street cafe
turning 6 & 60
4th of july


bbqs & luaus

ice cream dates

digging in the dirt
playing out side
experiencing the melting pot
remodeling the casa

merv turning 34
soccer time
easter egg hunts

spring break to seattle february:
getting equiped with glasses

the end.