Saturday, January 24, 2009

35 weeks.

i am at the point in the pregnancy where my lower back is killing me. i finally went in for an adjustment and found out they were having a special on massages right now so i got one of those too. it was heavenly and relieved so much stress and pressure. if you have never had the pleasure of a maternity massage i highly reccomend it. i made an appointment for merv and i to go in for tandem massages next week.... kind of like an early valentines gift. :)
(picture courtesy of cody.)


Darla said...

Your house is perfect Julie! I can't wait to see it..., someday.

DeAnne said...

OH man, I had two massages while I was pregnant with Katelyn. They were the best. I just had one yesterday too and was in heaven!

Kera said...

thats funny, I asked Patrick yesterday if we could get couple's massages for Valentines Day :) where is this place. How did the straightening out go?

CrazyMomof7 said...

I have a gift cert for a massage. Maybe I will take advantage of it now instead of waiting.
I am glad that you had such a nice day.