Sunday, January 4, 2009


new years eve consisted of huge dinner and then lighting off illigal fireworks and scaring the crap out of mom. she was waiting for the cops to show up any minute. thankfully theres still 3 feet of snow covering everything so nothing exploded or burnt down or even started on fire. accept the fire works. and of course we had the traditional new years baby shoes... a much anticipated erickson family tradion. we grew up assuming everyone celebrated the new years baby. ( cousin marisa touched on the topic here if your interested. check out her coments too....)
this year will be a little different adjusting to life again with a newborn and so will be my resolutions. i had to eliminate a some things from the list like taking a 6week trip around the world with merv and i'm still trying to figure just how i am going to run a marathon with a breasfeeding infant...hmmmm... but i guess i'll do the best i can.

so here goes:

learn how to use the camera properly. i should take a full blown class or something.

get in good enough condition to run or even walk bloomsday. (it's only about 2 months after bambino arrives so it wil be a little tricky for me.)

take a trip (or 2) to maybe go see the olympic rain forests & san juan islands.... maybe take cody to lego land.

run a 1/2 marathon. (sf maybe? kera?)

go to the esther-ann family reunion in lake tahoe next summer.

finish extra bedroom in basement.... and hopefully the rebuild the back deck of doom.....

plant an above ground garden.

rip out dr suess tree in front yard and plant some aspen trees instead.

get a dog and name it sam. (codys name of choice. its a good name. we had a dog named sam growing up and we loved him very much.)

put up some dang closet doors in our bedroom already.

put up some pictures around the house. they all came down after we remodeled and we have been hesitant to rehang anything that doesn't serve a purpose or that we don't love.

organize my recipe stash. currently it's a huge wad of ripped out magazine pages and recipes scattered on the back of codys homework that sit in the top of my cupboard.

whip my skin into shape after the baby comes. this pregnancy has been hell on it. not that i've ever had the worlds greatest complection. (any advice would be GREATLY appreciated. my sister in law introduced me to dermalogica and bare minerals and i love them both. and her too.)

take up a new hobby. something i really look forward to doing,like screen printing with merv so we can make rad tshirts or something.

play the guitar. for real this time.

put all of our music and cds onto one hard drive that we can share with both of our ipods and computers and stuff. i can't stand the clutter of all of those cd cases everywhere.frame & hang our map collection down the stair case.

maybe finish like one complete project before starting another.

read at least a book a month.

start a memoir. i now it sounds super cliche but i've always wanted to write a story about my life experiences. even if its just for me to read. not something i would ever publish or anything. i've journaled most of my life, but i'd like to go back and write a lot of stories i remember from my childhood and past and some that my parents and grandparents have told me.

turn 30 with a little dignity & grace. :)


Darla said...

What happened to the steak dinner?? I was looking forward to hearing about it..or did you do it? A few comments--I LOVE aspen trees, but I heard they have crazy roots that kill everything else. I'm sure you'll do your research. (: And I love the goal about getting all your music on a hard drive. We have 3 huge CD cases and our friends make fun of us for being so old school..One more thing, i'm sure you'll be FINE to at least walk bloomsday. Right? As for your skin, talk to my sister Amy. I'm sure she has the answer. She always does. Happy 2009!

Kera said...

I have never had great skin either, but after I started using BM, my skin changed dramatically for the better.

Lets for sure enter the Lottery for the SF half marathon!! I mean, we want the Tiffany necklace at the end of the race right?

emily alex sarabia bunch said...

Its funny my husband being mexican they had the wise men come after christmas because they brought gifts to the baby about a week after Christs birth which makes more sense. I like to confuse the kids by saying I have no idea it could as far as I know be the three nephites or some angel(me) sent to help out the good little kids. It is hard to get the stuff out the last three years alex has been gone on business for new years and I had to try to go down stairs and do it in a flash then go upstairs wait for the count down and be surprised how the new years whatever got by us with out me catching it. All my kids still believe in santa or at least are pretending so they can still get stuff. Miss you excited to see you in March. I will call you when it gets closer to plan. love emily

Marnie said...

I really wanted to do bloomsday with you guys this year. What's the rules with pregnant mommies? Hmmm, maybe next year, I am not really in shape right now (I don't mean I am fat when I say I am not in shape). I hope we move to Washington or Oregon.