Sunday, January 18, 2009


we took cody up snowboarding yesterday to mt. spokane. ( imostly did the observing and sitting around part...) the weather was awesome. we figured this year he was really ready to learn to snow board. i know some people take 2 and 3 year olds up but for us, 6 was good. :) mt. spokane isn't the top choice mountain, but the bunny hill is great for teaching kids... the place was packed though with a ski race going on.
" ya ma, these are good boots..."
"...and the board is just about right too. i'll carry it."

...aunt kami came for moral support and to help merv out teaching cody.
after the first run down, he was decided it was too hard and that he was done. so, he came in and hung out with me for awhile and we had a pep talk. i was in a nazi mom mood and told him he was going 3 times before he decides if its too hard.
... he did go down thre more times and after that, he loved it and we coudn't get him to stop.

...until aunt kami accidentaly trying to ammputate his leg with her board. he was done after that.

...we were all super pooped and ready to go home at the end of the day. especially me after a long day of sitting in the lodge drinking hot cocoa.

the end.


Arah said...

cody looks like he had a good time. i love the pic of him crouched on his board.
a day of sitting and drinking hot cocoa while preggo can be tiring, hope you got plenty of sleep.

The Barney's said...

Julie it looks like Cody did great!! How fun!! I want Justin to take Logan next winter (he'll be six by then too). Your belly is SO cute and I love your cute coat!! Looks like something we'd sell at our store, LOL. Good luck in your last month!! I bet she is going to be beautiful!!!

Marnie said...

It made me so happy to see the baby belly shot. Cute.

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?