Saturday, February 28, 2009


are either of these sushi sets attratctive? which one would you choose for a man?

Friday, February 27, 2009

sf marathon

really looking into doing this. the random registration starts next weeks so i better figure it out!!
ps: with this marathon you can opt to do whole or 1/2 marathon and i would definitely choose the 1/2 to start.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

bath time.

lola had her first big milestone: her umbilical cord fell off which meant she could have a real bath! cody was really fascinated with that nasty thing (the cord not the bath...). i was just happy it fell off so that it wouldn't be so hard to change her diaper and accidentally hurt her.
she loved the bath and didn't cry at all. cody liked washing her little noggin. & now she doesn't smell like a stinky baby.

hot dog baby.

these baby wraps are the best from beansprout swaddle wrap. (and they're super cheap!!) grandpa thinks they are silly and make the baby look liek a hot dog. but when i wrap her up in it, she sleeps with out startling herself or poking out her eye. and she stays warm and cozy. plus an extra bonus: they are so darn cute.

i also ordered the brown moby wrap the day i went into labor and it showed up this week. i haven't learned how to use it yet but its on my list.

1 week old.

lola turned one week today.

cody became such a big kid all of the sudden. he's been really good with her. and helpful to me with throwing away the diapers and getting her blankets and toys and giving her lots of smooches. i've tried really ahrd to make sure he doesn't feel any different or like he lost his place in our little growing family

she is still as cute as ever and a sweet happy baby. she loves to eat ALL OF THE TIME. i'm fine with that. last night we tried giving her a binkie at bedtime and she took right to it. it seemed to help her sleep better and not wake up as often. even when she does wake up, she's super easy and a goe sabck to sleep after eating. i was hesitating using one and i still am. cody never did take one, but i think it might have helped soothe him. does anyone have any opinions or adivec on binkies? i'm mostly worried about eventually having one more thing to break her from.

my life has changed drastically. i'm use to running around to the post office, working & doing errands all day and i haven't watched so much tv in years....i haven't missed it. (has it always been so crappy?)

i've definitely been experiencing the overwhelming wave of emotions that come along with having a new born- excitement, newness, happiness & balling for no reason.

i'm a natural born worry wart so i keep reminding myself to chill out be more calm with myself and everyone and not worry about what isn't getting done.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

lola joon.

she's here and we're so happy.

7lbs 19 1/2inches
feb.18 2009 4:30am

merv picked her middle name. and we think it fits her perfectly. anyone remember the movie benny and joon?...

we've loved having all of the visitors and company. baby sarah instantly became a huge 3 month old. she says shes so happy to have another playmate her age. merv's sister becca left seattle at midnight and showed up 10 minutes before she was born.
the actual labor was quick & intense. i wasn't even sure i was actualy in labor after a week of mellow contractions and arah finally said, "i think you should go to the hospital," at about 1:30am. we got there close to 2am and she was born at 4:30am.

i did end up doing it all nat-u-ral, with a lot of help and support and motivation, soothing foot rubs and pressure point massages and throwing the stress releif balls at the dr's head.

her favorite activities include eating all of the time which she took right to. we expect her to double her weight in no time. :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

moby baby wraps.

i want to get one of these moby baby waps. i've heard they are awesome... anyone heard much about them? i've got one of the ring sling, but have no idea how to use it. this thing seems way more comfortable and just better.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

the business of being born.

everyone keeps telling me how great netflix is so we finally signed up this week. i was amazed when our first 3 dvds showed up the very next day. this documentary about babies and birth really stood out to me so i ordered it. (.... i'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that i am 9 months pregnant...)

anyway, i watched it late last night trying to rest on the couch and it seriously changed my opinion on child birth.

i am the first to admit that i am not exactly a tree-hugging granola-y type mom who wanted to have babies at home (although i understand why women do) and that i ended up getting an epidural with cody although i do try to be pretty conscientious and aware of my choices. but during this pregnancy i have told myself that i don't want to have any kind of interventions, ie. epidural, inductions, c-section during the birth unless absolutely necessary. i have been planning for this the whole pregnancy for many reasons, including some unpleasant outcomes of my last delivery.

i'm really hoping i can do it on my own and i think it will make it even more of a life changing experience for me. i have no bad feelings or judgements about any birthing desicions that mothers make. i just feel that this is the best choice for me personally.

i HIGHLY recommend the movie to anyone. i asked merv to watch it again with me this afternoon and we were both amazed.

update: just to be clear- i am not planning a home birth. sacred heart hospital all the way for me.

mama duck.

i'm sorry mom, i just love this adorable a mama duck with the baby ducks. i think i was born a few days later.

Friday, February 13, 2009

u&me xxxoo...

i'm not a big fan of valentines candy, but i had to get these for merv. he got them a little early since i already gave him his real valentines present which was the couples massage- highly reccomended and awesome by the way. i had no idea they came with little messages on the back (the m&m's not the massages...) even though it says so right on the pacakge...

u&me xxxoo...

he suprised me with these partially vintage rebulit earrings from finders keepers, which happens to be the best jewelry shop in spokane (which was featured in and article about spokane in februarys sunset magazine...) full of vintage galore. i love turquise and dangly and i love them. good work husband.

...and my awesome neighbor let cody come over to play last night. they happened to be making valentines and sugar cookies for her sons class. they brought these sweet ones back...mmmm.

my personal favorite for the baby girl:

i think the sprout might be making her debut a little earlier than expected. i've been having contractions all week (which i did not have with cody untiul the day he was born) and tuesday the dr. said that i was dialated to a 2+ and 50%effaced....

...& now i'm off to help out at cody's little class valentines party.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

fashion week

the latest in mens fashion trends from paris fashion week-
man beads & strappy sandals:

super short shorts:

high waters and dressed up wife beater tops:

super lowcut sweater with short shorts, man purse and strappy man sandals:
man skirts and tights:
colorful short shorts:
hooded black unitard onsies with super long sleeves & strappy man sandals:
this look might be ok and i'm only saying that after seeing everything else that is offered, but what is up with those shoes?
my favorites from the swimwear collections:
kidrock combo:
(by the way: merv told me in secret that he totally wants to rock a mans-unitard-one-peice-cowboy-hat-combo this summer after seeing this number... with his thigh hair sprouting out... or either of the options below will work too...)
makeup, scarf with giant brooch and speedo:
matrix swimwear:
the end.