Wednesday, February 25, 2009

1 week old.

lola turned one week today.

cody became such a big kid all of the sudden. he's been really good with her. and helpful to me with throwing away the diapers and getting her blankets and toys and giving her lots of smooches. i've tried really ahrd to make sure he doesn't feel any different or like he lost his place in our little growing family

she is still as cute as ever and a sweet happy baby. she loves to eat ALL OF THE TIME. i'm fine with that. last night we tried giving her a binkie at bedtime and she took right to it. it seemed to help her sleep better and not wake up as often. even when she does wake up, she's super easy and a goe sabck to sleep after eating. i was hesitating using one and i still am. cody never did take one, but i think it might have helped soothe him. does anyone have any opinions or adivec on binkies? i'm mostly worried about eventually having one more thing to break her from.

my life has changed drastically. i'm use to running around to the post office, working & doing errands all day and i haven't watched so much tv in years....i haven't missed it. (has it always been so crappy?)

i've definitely been experiencing the overwhelming wave of emotions that come along with having a new born- excitement, newness, happiness & balling for no reason.

i'm a natural born worry wart so i keep reminding myself to chill out be more calm with myself and everyone and not worry about what isn't getting done.


Kami said...

Yes, TV has always been that crappy.

When she's asleep, she looks a lot like Cody did, but when she's awake, I can see the difference.

Wow, Cody did get big all of a sudden. I hear so did Sarah.

Josh n Betsie said...

Oh she is so so so cute. Cody looks like an AWESOME big brother. I wish I could be there to hold her. My babies grew so fast its crazy to see a small one.

DeAnne said...

what a beautiful baby girl! binkies: to each her own, i suppose. katelyn went through a very short period when she liked it only to get to sleep, but it didn't last long. i personally think they are fine to use to a certain extent. when a 3 year old is running around with one, things have gone a bit too far. there is actually some evidence that says that using a pacifier when sleeping can reduce the risk of SIDS. it also can help comfort the baby at times, ya know. but hey, i am no expert :) don't stress about it!

Tashina said...

Oh my... she is adorable... so are you! Julie, you are my idealistic mom. I always love your outlook on life, being a mom, kids, the world we live in, etc. I find myself constantly nodding to what you write about. Congrats again on the addition to your family. I sure wish we lived closer. love you.

Jon and Maryanne said...

She is so beautiful!
I love that both of my kids have taken binkies! They are life savers and on/off switches(as Jon and I call them:) I think we let Kambria have one too long, we got rid of hers at about 2 1/2. We will break Eli of them before that. To me it is worth the little extra effort of breaking them of the binkie. Eli couldn't figure out how to keep his in his mouth all the time at first, but now he loves them. Like I said.....I think they are life and sanity savers! :)