Monday, February 9, 2009

37ish weeks.

i didn't have braxton hicks or any other false labor contractions with cody. i pretty much just went right into labor on his due date. but this time i've been feeling all kinds of contractions and stretching pains. some have been pretty strong and lengthy, but not too serious to go to the hospital or anything. i called arah tonight to see if it was normal. she said it was and i should take a bath. :) i'm pretty close to my due date and tommorrow is another check up at the dr to see where i'm at. hopefully i've progressed past lasts weeks 1cm dialted.
i've been doing a lot of the whole "nesting" thing. i tend to put things off until absolutly neccessary, but i finally decided i should probably get a few things together for the hospital and to make some plans for cody.


Marisa said...

You are so cute!

Rocia said...

so so cute...only a little bit longer.

Rocia said...

p.s. did you decide on a name?