Wednesday, February 25, 2009

bath time.

lola had her first big milestone: her umbilical cord fell off which meant she could have a real bath! cody was really fascinated with that nasty thing (the cord not the bath...). i was just happy it fell off so that it wouldn't be so hard to change her diaper and accidentally hurt her.
she loved the bath and didn't cry at all. cody liked washing her little noggin. & now she doesn't smell like a stinky baby.


Mary Child said...

JULIE, CONGRATULATIONS on your beautiful little Lola! I am so out of the blogging loop that I completely missed the news, so please pardon my tardiness and accept my warmest CONGRATS to you and Merv and Cody!!! She is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Darla said...

I'm LOVING these pics, Julie. I hope you're doing okay. Just try and relax, okay?!! I know you have your mom, and Arah, and Corinne.., and I'm sure many others.., but if you need to talk to someone at anytime, call me. As for Binkies, if she's okay without 'em, don't push them! Dayne's 3 1.2 and still wants them. I swear my kids all get hooked after they turn a year because they start getting more whiny (or just more vocal) and I plug em up. NOT a good thing. But, it's also a great soother. If she starts getting fussy and you need it for your sanity, then by all means..