Saturday, February 14, 2009

the business of being born.

everyone keeps telling me how great netflix is so we finally signed up this week. i was amazed when our first 3 dvds showed up the very next day. this documentary about babies and birth really stood out to me so i ordered it. (.... i'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that i am 9 months pregnant...)

anyway, i watched it late last night trying to rest on the couch and it seriously changed my opinion on child birth.

i am the first to admit that i am not exactly a tree-hugging granola-y type mom who wanted to have babies at home (although i understand why women do) and that i ended up getting an epidural with cody although i do try to be pretty conscientious and aware of my choices. but during this pregnancy i have told myself that i don't want to have any kind of interventions, ie. epidural, inductions, c-section during the birth unless absolutely necessary. i have been planning for this the whole pregnancy for many reasons, including some unpleasant outcomes of my last delivery.

i'm really hoping i can do it on my own and i think it will make it even more of a life changing experience for me. i have no bad feelings or judgements about any birthing desicions that mothers make. i just feel that this is the best choice for me personally.

i HIGHLY recommend the movie to anyone. i asked merv to watch it again with me this afternoon and we were both amazed.

update: just to be clear- i am not planning a home birth. sacred heart hospital all the way for me.


Kera said...

i am just laughing at the comment I made to you at our GNO friday night. ha ha. how have we been hanging out this long and I didn't know this fact. I wish you all the best with this you brave girl!

Maybe I should watch this video for a different perspective because as of now my labor plan is to walk in and ask for an epidural :)

DeAnne said...

I am going to get that movie. This is a very interesting topic to me. My sister in law had an all natural birth with both her babies. At first, I thought she was a mad woman, but in talking with her a lot about different things, my mind has been opened a TON. I was able to be there for her second birth. She is a very blessed woman for sure, but there were a lot of things I really envied about her experience. If I thought I could do it, I would try, but I don't know. I would love to hear about your experiences (past and future). I think it's important to learn as much as you can and have an open mind. I think I was pretty naive when I had katelyn. I thought an epidural was the answer to everything, but that wasn't even that great. Anyway, I better stop here. I hope your birth goes awesome this time! I can't wait to see your little girl.

Darla said...

I gotta get Netflix. There's too many documentary/foreign/art films that I wanna watch and I'm not patient enough to look for 'em at Blockbuster or Hollywood. I'll have to rent this baby one. I have heard good things about it. I'm excited for you. If I have another one, I need to remember to be calm and just let my body take me there..naturally. I know you can do it, Julie! Can't wait to hear all about it! (:

CrazyMomof7 said...

Yes I am a birth junkie but I really loved this film. I am for homebirths, VBACS, hospital births, inductions and epidurals. I see a need for each of them. You just have to do what is best for you and no one else can tell you what that is.
I wish you all the best for a delivery that is just the way that you want. Remember that I am more than happy to come and help at any time day or night. Just call me.
When is your next doctor appointment?

Wonderland Pearls & Purses said...

Sacred Heart!? Say hello to JD, Elliot, Turk and Carla for me!

Haha I'm so funny.

Good luck w/ your experience; I'll be thinking of you!

Tashina said...

I loved that documentary... it was sure an eye-opener. It definitely sheds a different light on child birth.