Thursday, February 12, 2009

fashion week

the latest in mens fashion trends from paris fashion week-
man beads & strappy sandals:

super short shorts:

high waters and dressed up wife beater tops:

super lowcut sweater with short shorts, man purse and strappy man sandals:
man skirts and tights:
colorful short shorts:
hooded black unitard onsies with super long sleeves & strappy man sandals:
this look might be ok and i'm only saying that after seeing everything else that is offered, but what is up with those shoes?
my favorites from the swimwear collections:
kidrock combo:
(by the way: merv told me in secret that he totally wants to rock a mans-unitard-one-peice-cowboy-hat-combo this summer after seeing this number... with his thigh hair sprouting out... or either of the options below will work too...)
makeup, scarf with giant brooch and speedo:
matrix swimwear:
the end.


Wonderland Pearls & Purses said...


You just gave me nightmares for a week.

Mostly about what my daughters' dates will be wearing.

Arah said...

Awesome! I was wondering when men would get a little change in fashion.
Was that Carrot top I spotted in the 2nd to last photo?
I can see Merv now, what a great picture you painted for my thoughts.

Darla said...

hmm...not very clearly defined anymore, is it; the look of a man and a woman? Don't get me wrong, I'm okay with women wearing pants. (;
I guess you gotta keep up to date with this stuff doing what you do, huh?

Marisa said...

This post is officially one of the top five blog posts I've ever seen from anyone. Hilarious!! Who is HONESTLY going to dress like that??

DeAnne said...

big fat EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! Thanks for a great laugh! My husband's favorite was: the man-skirt and tights. He thinks he would look sexy in it.

Corinne and Brian said...

Holy cow!!! I haven't laught that hard in a while. Who in thier right mind would seriously think to buy any of this? Julie thanks I needed that.

Kera said...

I didn't know shawn white did runway.

men are becoming so feminized these days. gross.

Tashina said...

Wow... this is just sick and wrong... really who thinks this works?

michael David said...

I think it's kinda sexy

Kami said...

I'm stealing this topic and commenting on it. I swear, Eunuchs must be so in right now. Because none of these guys have any balls anymore after wearing this dreck.