Wednesday, March 25, 2009

pine wood derby time.

some of the competition. cody's is the awesome blue evil knevil inspired version:
he's in love with this shirt. thanks gramma for sewing on the patches.
ready for take off.
this track was seriously high tech. computerized and the whole nine yards. whatever happened to eyeballing it at the finish line? they race 3 times each and get an average speed score. cody won his first 2 races with the fastest speeds.

grandpa and dad trying to be humble while waiting for the 3rd race and final scores.
please let mine win..please let mine win. i promise to be a good sport about it....
the anticipation.....
"cody! cody! cody!!!"
happy spectator brinley.
go bro go.
my camera was a little messed up during the grand finale, but cody came in 3rd out of 30 and became the proud owner of an awesome 3rd place ribbon medal. he was super excited!! and merv was so happy you couldn't slap the grin off of his face.

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