Friday, April 10, 2009

7ish weeks old.

.such a sweet baby girl. so mellow and peaceful.
.starting to lose all of her baby fluff hair leaving a sweet balding pattern.
.chubbing up nicely- complete with chubby thigh rolls and all.
.still enjoys being hauled around the house by her big brother.
.small smiles here and there but none on demand. soon though. i think.
.super duper good sleeper and eater. yay!!

...she wasn't thrilled too much about having her picture taken but i captured some cute ones anwyay....

(spring break and easter egg pics soon i hope!)


Kris said...

She is just precious

Darla said...

I'm so glad she's eating and sleeping well!! How great for you! Wish I could meet you guys up in Duvall this next weekend! Maybe for a day or so? I'm singing in Women at the Well if you wanna head down to Battle Ground Sat. night...just a thought.(: