Tuesday, April 14, 2009

easter goat.

every year the easter rabbit brings my kids easter goodies in sand buckets for some reason... i think its because he knows that i don't like storing easter baskets and sand buckets are just so darn useful. cody was pretty stoked with his loot and lola really loves her goat toy. she still hasn't outgrown her goat noises shes been making since birth...

right after cody opened his basket, he checked to see if there were any eggs in the yard. there weren't. oops. however, i was pretty certain that there were going to be eggs in grandmas back yard later that afternoon.

and for the record:
in the middle of all the easter festivities, our little neighbor girl had a birthday party. her mom is way cooler than cody's mom. she had pony rides at her party. right here on our street.

...and yes, my boy insists on wearing his hood under his hat. he always does this with his hats. when i pick him up from school it never fails that he will have his hat over the top of his hood. awesome.


Darla said...

Cute hoodie boy. Spokane really is pretty, Julie (I noticed from the last pic). Lots of trees and it looks like you guys are on a hill. FUn easter..., except for your one-upping neighbor. (;

Josh n Betsie said...

that goat is so funny. My girls sounded just like goats when they were little. FUNNY! She is a doll

Kera said...

love his vest! your easter bunny is very generous:)