Monday, April 27, 2009

free stuff is good.

i have to say that this weeks itunes free song of the week is pretty much rad... "walking on a dream" by empire of the sun. it's a perfect song to run to(or jog to...). i threw it on my ipod when i went running this morning to check it out and ended up loving it. i must have replayed it about 5 times. i'm trying to create my perfect running playlist for bloomsday which is coming up this weekend. yikes! (ps. if you live in the area and you've never tried bloomsday you should consider running this. its a blast.)

this song however is the lamest song i've heard in quite a while...
"dont think i can't love you" by jake owen. it makes me puke.

any suggestions for running music or just plain old work out tunes?....

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Kera said...

thats funny. i am not running yet, but have been working on my RUN playlist for when I do.


TIMBERLAND: The way I are (all time favorite)
RILO KILEY : silver lining, breakin' up
THE KILLERS : Mr Brightside, Read My Mind, When you were Young.
BEYONCE : If I were a boy, Halo, Soldier, Crazy in love
NELLY FURTADO : say it right
LADY GAGA : Poker Face
anything from Rihana

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