Wednesday, May 27, 2009

super rad chick.

...cody loves heather. she's super good with skating tricks AND she knows everthing about starwars.....

memorial day.

memorial day was pretty relaxed for us... we bbqed up some of the fish from the guys trip. sooo yummy. and then we mostly chilled out and chit chatted and enjoyed the great weather on dads lush grass.... and did a little future summer vacation daydreaming-planning.
arah showed us this fun trick with the camera lens...

...are they worthy of the drive?

they are pretty beautiful, however i would have to say with cranky kids, fussy babies and toasty weather the palouse falls didn't quite live up to the level of excitement we had hoped for. more of a stopping point on a road trip than an actual destination. thank goodness we happened to randomly choose to show up the one day the park rangers decide to surprise us and have visitor appreciation day and que us up some hot dogs and cold pop for a shady picnic on the lawn before making the loooooooooong drive home. we couldn't even go down to the see the water because it is supposedly a pretty ragged trail down... that and the fish were spawning so it totally reeked down by the water....mmmmm stinky. cody was super ornery because he lost the rat tail that was hanging off the treasured walking stick he recently inherited from uncle jared. on a side note: i was loaded up like a pack mule & i totally biffed it as i was walking down some stairs near a viewing point...

...we cruised home and went out for thai food for dinner. that made things better.

Monday, May 25, 2009

lola joon @ 3 months.

lola is now 3 months. actually a little past....

she's weighing in at around 13 lbs.

she could win a staring contest any day of the week.
she likes to make eye contact with you and move her chubby arms in excitement when you look back.

morning is her most talkative part of the day — she babbles a lot while laying in her crib and staring at her mobile and toys.

she coos and laughs in her raspy voice and its pretty darn cute.

she sticks her tongue out all of the time.

she is a major mamas girl.

she is very tender hearted and gets startled easliy...

she has pretty much lost most of her hair except for a little bit of fuzz. (i got told 2 time last week what a handsome little boy she was.... i guess she should wear headbands all of the time.)

her thighs are chubbing right up, but she still seems way teenier to me than cody was.

she has little elf ears that always seem to get folded in half (see picture above) and the very, very blue eyes just like her brother.

she likes to keep a schedule & she's still sleeping like a champ... all through the night every night.

she loves her big brother to sing to her.

...and just for fun check out the likeness of these 2. i have no idea how old merv is here.

cody james.

cody is hilarious- he cracks me up every single day with his funny jokes and stories and very random questions. he still loves to cuddle and sleep in my bed (...when i cave in and let him...) but i can tell he is getting older- the other day he actually got embarrassed when merv walked him into class before school. and i don't know if its because he's burnt out with school or what, but he has developed a little attitude and its driving me CRAZY!! i have to remind him pretty frequently these days that i am the parent and he is the son and not the other way around, and that i don't need his instructions on how to do everything....

he likes to help me in the yard and mostly tries to drench everything possible with the sprinkler or hose including any humans ... an obsession he has had since as long as he's been around.
his first tooth is just about to fall out. he shows me every morning how much more wiggly it is.
it is strange to think i will soon be the mom of a 7(!) year old....

Saturday, May 23, 2009


i had plans to get tons of projects checked off of my never ending list of things-to-be-done while merv's been out of town all week and weekend. its always nice to check a few off & we're planning on having the yearly yard sale next weekend so i've been in major declutter mode anyway. yard work was high on the list and the weather has been amazing so after a trip or 2 to home depot, the kidlets and i spent some time doing some outdoor beautifying. i love hanging out fixing up the yard and i was happy that some of the new bushes from last season survived our horrid winter... cody liked playing with the camera jumping off of the rake and being a goober bean & lola cooperated some and chilled in the bouncer. ("thanks cousin sarah for letting me borrow your worm bouncer. my mom says it helps a lot when i sit and watch the worm sing for a few..." -lola)

Monday, May 18, 2009

day trip.

my dad is taking the brothers and brothers-in-law on a deep sea fishing trip next weekend... so we were thinking about taking a girl trip which has turned into just a day activity next saturday due to busy schedules and babies involved and becca not having the time to come over. i've heard a lot about this place the palouse falls but for whatever reason, we've never taken the drive to see them. i guess they are in the middle of nowehere (but only about an 1 1/2 or so from spokane) a drive that we could see them and come back in a day. they had a little fame last month when this guy decided to ride down them in a kayak.

i love my family.

i've been going through all of my jillions of photos from years back that are saved on cd & saving them to external hard drives. (...did you know that cds are not a safe way to save pictures? i didn't and there was one disk that i couldn't open all of the way...bummer) a lot of work- but so, so awesome when i come across a photo that makes me fall in love with my family even more... my new favorite picture of merv & check out little cody in a diaper? how cute! i'll have to post some more when i'm not dead tired.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


some long overdue pictures from our latest seattle adventure to visit the cousins:
playing beauty queens and irritating that guy in the back selling the sunglasses by not buying any...
..i can not believe these girls are teenagers...
fish and chips...arahs fav-o-rite.

are these not the loveliest beets ever? picture worthy for sure. i could look at them all day... and i always thought the produce sign guys had the best handwriting...
...lola's first shopping trip to the vintage clothes shops...
"my parents are rock stars.." lola.
finding some priceless and hideous vintage t shirts...
a big yummy feast...
gigantic yards perfect for cruising around on ....
...lola's first pedicure form her girl cousins...
...plenty of quality ds time...

the end.