Wednesday, May 27, 2009

...are they worthy of the drive?

they are pretty beautiful, however i would have to say with cranky kids, fussy babies and toasty weather the palouse falls didn't quite live up to the level of excitement we had hoped for. more of a stopping point on a road trip than an actual destination. thank goodness we happened to randomly choose to show up the one day the park rangers decide to surprise us and have visitor appreciation day and que us up some hot dogs and cold pop for a shady picnic on the lawn before making the loooooooooong drive home. we couldn't even go down to the see the water because it is supposedly a pretty ragged trail down... that and the fish were spawning so it totally reeked down by the water....mmmmm stinky. cody was super ornery because he lost the rat tail that was hanging off the treasured walking stick he recently inherited from uncle jared. on a side note: i was loaded up like a pack mule & i totally biffed it as i was walking down some stairs near a viewing point...

...we cruised home and went out for thai food for dinner. that made things better.

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Kera said...

that was like our trip to levenworth. a cool little city, but with a cranky kid, the drive seemed like FOREVER!!!!

you look super cute.