Monday, May 4, 2009

bloomsday 2009

my goal was to run bloomsday this year after having the baby... a little motivational goal to help remove the excess lbs. just a small group this year- us and my brother and his wife. we missed the rest of you guys. :(every year we bring a disposable sweater down to the start up line where we have to stand in the cold and wait for the race to start but by the time the race gets going your ready to get rid of the sweater and its a tradition to throw it up in the trees like this:

i scoured the local thift shop and came up with some real winners this year. i was actually planning to wear this gold glittered number, but merv took it over and i ended up with a beautiful hummingbird/floral sweater complete with built in collar. (sorry no pics available.) merv took his look super serious. the only thing missing were bleached out tips on his hair. he actually wore this beauty for quite a while. i told him that i thought people were thinking he seriously dressed this way and he said that he was hoping they would.

i always love seeing the military groups running in cadence. it reminds me of my baby sister who is also in the army. she usually runs with us but this year she is a deployed drill sargeant back east.
go brian and becca....
so super happy to be done that i think my head looks like it just might pop right off...
and this was under merv's sweater... if you listen to talk radio much, you'll get it.

i was pretty happy with my time. i came in around 1:23 and my best ever was 1:14.

yay me!

afterwards we heading to the traditional breakfast to feed our savaged selves. however, all of the pictures are completly unflattering because they show at least one person eating. but,

i did manage to snap a cute picture of heather who is visiting.
i wish i would have known how much she likes to run. we would have had her come a day earlier to run with us. next year.


Renee' P said...

Good job!
that's a good accomplishment!
What do the shirts look like this year?

Kami said...

Next year, julie.


Kera said...

Good Job girl. Lookin like a hot mama.

DeAnne said...

good for you for getting out there! how fun! i did bloomsday 2 or 3 times way back in highschool. it would be fun to do it again someday. you look great too! i think i should start jogging again after this baby is born.

Darla said...

that makes me so happy that you could do it. You look hot, and great.., as usual. I'm not even going to THINK about the fact that I lived here a whole 9 months and we saw each other for 1 measly day. Did I spell "measly" right? love you.