Monday, May 25, 2009

cody james.

cody is hilarious- he cracks me up every single day with his funny jokes and stories and very random questions. he still loves to cuddle and sleep in my bed (...when i cave in and let him...) but i can tell he is getting older- the other day he actually got embarrassed when merv walked him into class before school. and i don't know if its because he's burnt out with school or what, but he has developed a little attitude and its driving me CRAZY!! i have to remind him pretty frequently these days that i am the parent and he is the son and not the other way around, and that i don't need his instructions on how to do everything....

he likes to help me in the yard and mostly tries to drench everything possible with the sprinkler or hose including any humans ... an obsession he has had since as long as he's been around.
his first tooth is just about to fall out. he shows me every morning how much more wiggly it is.
it is strange to think i will soon be the mom of a 7(!) year old....

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