Monday, May 25, 2009

lola joon @ 3 months.

lola is now 3 months. actually a little past....

she's weighing in at around 13 lbs.

she could win a staring contest any day of the week.
she likes to make eye contact with you and move her chubby arms in excitement when you look back.

morning is her most talkative part of the day — she babbles a lot while laying in her crib and staring at her mobile and toys.

she coos and laughs in her raspy voice and its pretty darn cute.

she sticks her tongue out all of the time.

she is a major mamas girl.

she is very tender hearted and gets startled easliy...

she has pretty much lost most of her hair except for a little bit of fuzz. (i got told 2 time last week what a handsome little boy she was.... i guess she should wear headbands all of the time.)

her thighs are chubbing right up, but she still seems way teenier to me than cody was.

she has little elf ears that always seem to get folded in half (see picture above) and the very, very blue eyes just like her brother.

she likes to keep a schedule & she's still sleeping like a champ... all through the night every night.

she loves her big brother to sing to her.

...and just for fun check out the likeness of these 2. i have no idea how old merv is here.


Darla said...

I love this post! It's so sweet. All those little tidbits you wrote about Lola. That's so great. She'll appreciate it when she's older. What a doll baby. And the fact that she sleeps through the night!?? I don't wanna hate you, but I do! (;

Cindy said...

Very cute chubby Lola. I read from Arah's blog that she wasn't a big fan of night in the museum. Oh well, Ben Stiller probably just isn't her favorite actor. The yard looks so good and I loved the post about Cody. What a great kid