Thursday, May 7, 2009


i've been lollygagging all night while trying to get some work done on the computer. i was daydreaming about warm weather, yard sales, summer.....and being able to wear these:

and arah told me that tomorrow is the farm chicks yard sale. cody hates yard sales and shopping in general so now that he's in school during the mornings, i can devote my springtime friday mornings to yard sales once again. he had afternoon kindergarten last year and it was lame because he hated anything to do with going to them. i couldn't even bribe him with donuts...even though he always talks me into letting him haul some peice of crap home and i have merv wonder what i'm thinking letting him haul more crap home...that reminds me: check out this for a good laugh.

the only down side of summer/spring: my allergies are making their way back with a vengence & i get them bad. they are driving me CRAZY. i scared the crap out of lola earlier when i sneezed while i was feeding her.... is there anything safe for breastfeeding mamas to take? i hate taking anything but it seriously gets to the point where i can't breath or see straight and my throat itches like mad.

ps. postage is going up another 2cents per stamp monday...up to 44big ones. it ads up fast when you live at the post office like i do. i remember back in my pen pal days i use to buy stamps for like 25 cents or something....

so that was a pretty random bunch of thoughts.

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Anonymous said...

Julie, I am Karen Pixler's mom and I have had allergies all my life. I have used everything on the market to try to survive the allergie seasons. About 2 years ago my Dr. perscribed a steriod nasel spray, Flunisolide. It does not get into your blood stream and there are no side effects so I am sure it would not get to your baby. It is the best medicine I have ever used. I have not had an allergie attack since I started using it. If you want to call me, get my number from Karen. JoAnne Maughan