Saturday, May 23, 2009


i had plans to get tons of projects checked off of my never ending list of things-to-be-done while merv's been out of town all week and weekend. its always nice to check a few off & we're planning on having the yearly yard sale next weekend so i've been in major declutter mode anyway. yard work was high on the list and the weather has been amazing so after a trip or 2 to home depot, the kidlets and i spent some time doing some outdoor beautifying. i love hanging out fixing up the yard and i was happy that some of the new bushes from last season survived our horrid winter... cody liked playing with the camera jumping off of the rake and being a goober bean & lola cooperated some and chilled in the bouncer. ("thanks cousin sarah for letting me borrow your worm bouncer. my mom says it helps a lot when i sit and watch the worm sing for a few..." -lola)

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Kaisa Bailey said...

Grandma Dot used to have a giant bush just like the hanging plant you got. I used to LOVE IT, and now I kind of want one too.