Tuesday, June 30, 2009

i love summer.

we've been having a pretty great summer so far... plenty of sunshine, cherries, staying up way too late, sleeping in (but just a little...) bbqs, smores, light saber fights, playing games (check out the board game"who what where" if you haven't already...) and best of all visiting cousins!!

...looking forward to my favorite holiday of the year on saturday, to codys 7th birthday on the 2nd and not so looking forward to turning 30 on my birthday in a few weeks...uuugggh..how did that happen and why the heck don't i feel like an adult? age is all relative i guess, right?

we spent the evening strolling down to the park the other night.... perfect. the only thing that could make it better is if my sister corinne could come visit.

Friday, June 19, 2009

erickson reunion 2010??

special post for erickson family members:
WARNING!! severe picture overload....

several family members have been trying to plan a long overdue reunion for the past couple of years. it looks like the one in the works for southern colorado has a great chance of happening if everyone can commit to the date next summer and stick to it. uncle bruce's family has done a super job of setting up some tentative plans and it would be fantastic if everyone could be supportive in the effort. i can't wait to see the place my dad was born. (the jim erickson clan is also planning to tack a few extra days on to one end of the group reunion for a mini reunion of our own. not a bad idea for others....)

the reunion i tried to plan in 2003 was a blast and i know it meant a lot to the original siblings who came. i think there were close to around 80 ericksons or something... it would be great if we could get the ones who weren't at it to be at the next one. i think josh said there are now close to 200. it also took A LOT of work.... gathering a bunch of erickson together and trying to commit them to do anything is like trying to eat your own head- iMPOSSiBLE!!!! one of the hardest problems i had was trying to find accommodations for everyone. if we can get a good number and idea of many people are coming, it will be a lot easier to make sure there will be enough lodging within close proximity to each other. possibly start reserving now. the longer we wait the less chance of availability for a huge group like we're expecting, especially in prime vacation season. :)

some of the funnest times had at the oregon coast reunion we're the marshmallow/wiener roast, slide show/family movies, co2 races, sandcastles, tillamook, cannon beach, sand dunes, 4 wheelers, sunsets, the incredible view of the ocean & sewer plant (oops! my bad...i'll never live it down...), fireworks on the beach and my personal favorite: catching up with cousins, aunts, uncles and relatives we hadn't seen in years.

and now for your viewing please....here are some motivating pictures to get every ones butts motivated. :)
(josh and kambria have more info and details...check the erickson facebook page and lets get some rsvp-ing going on!! )

much love to all!!! julie.