Wednesday, June 17, 2009

random june stuff.

i reeeeeeeeeeeealy should be organizing stuff and hauling it over to my sisters house, but lola fell asleep and i wanted to sit down for a minute and jot a few thoughts instead..
-first: summer has officially started at our house...

-the scoop is a required summer time stop with live music on weekend nights.
kami was in town and came with us.

-my hair is falling out like CRAZY! which i checked into and i guess is normal when your baby is around 3-4 months... for some reason i don't remember this with cody. hmmmmm.

-nothing like sucking it up and paying for the long lost school library book because they won't give you the kids report card until its taken care of. it wouldn't have been so bad if it was a decent book, but "all about foals"? seriously?

...and then finding it the next day after literally months of searching. nice. :)

-i am well aware that i have severe spelling and typo issues and am a run-on sentence queen- usually due to the fact that i'm typing faster than i can think... or vice-versa. i've accepted the fact and it doesn't bother me that much. :)

-sometimes microsoft word is too helpful, like when it tries to auto correct my last name from eggleston to eggression.

-lola got her first baby doll. she mostly likes to slobber on its face and chew on its hair. she's also really into mini-crunch-sit-ups.


Arah said...

eggression...thats funny!

Josh n Betsie said...

lola is so cute. BTW my friend from highschool owns the scoop. I just found this out yesterday.