Wednesday, June 17, 2009

tippity top o' mount spokane.

if your in the area, go check out the top of mt spokane. merv decided we needed to take the kiddos. so amazing!!! (... and just a tiny bit creepy driving up to the tip top when the road is crumbling out from the edges and drop offs all over....) but way worth the trip and drive and a great place for a picnic- bring bug dope. but hurry quick! only a few weeks left before they are going to close it for the summer for another round of road repairs beignning at the end of this month. boo. we went up last summer and it was closed due to road repairs also. i guess these last couple severe winters have really taken there toll.

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Darla said...

stop it! Just stop it with all the model pics, come on!! You're all beautiful..