Monday, July 13, 2009

turning 7.

i decorated the breakfast table to surprise cody on his birthday. we had some of the cousins spending the night and so i made popeye pancakes with candles. (...a tradition around here some people call them dutch babies...or german pancakes.) he was ECSATiC to find the green light saber on the table. he has been asking for it for MONTHS!! all about star wars around here.

....then to the water park for a "real kid" party with pizza and cupcakes. we always end up having family parties due to his birthday being so close to the 4th of july. this year he requested: "a party with real kids", so we invited his class and cousins and neighborhood friends... i think every kid should have at least one kid party with real kids and not just siblings ;) ... i remember mine. i was six and i got a cabbage patch baby.
somehow cody managed to rake in star wars gear galore. he was in heaven... and even matching star wars theme music cards. we hear them at least 5x a day. he loves them.

(thanks for the help arah, and for baking your famous cupcakes.)


Kaisa Bailey said...

Our son's birthdays were spent very similarly!! Hope Cody had a good birthday. Hopefully Cia will post some pictures. We keep wishing that we lived closer....

Kera said...

you look so cute! i will be up there in exactly one week. do i get to see you? would you be able to come up to the lake for a day or two or three that weekend or something?