Friday, August 28, 2009


..and now we have proof that we are a family of 4... if only i had tome to update this blog once in a while... soon. plenty of summer time stories to catch up on.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

our 8th anniversary.

(most recent together picture that we have... taken at friends wedding a couple of weeks ago....)

2 kids,4 moves,2 houses,8 cars...
...many road trips & vacations (some good and some not so good), plenty of burnt dinners and pizza to compensate, too many houseplants to count, renovations & remodels, many bad late nite movie selections from the foregin film dept.(i take full blame), several different hair styles and colors, a few fights, but many more hugs and cuddles and pictures to show for it all.

i am especially proud of the fact that we've been married this long. it has been a long hard road but we have learned to appreciate each other and not take the things we have worked so hard to get for granted... we know how to laugh at things and also to expect things to go a little different than originally planned.

and this eighth year has been extra special with the latest addition of baby joonbug in february... she has truly blessed our family, our marriage and our life even more.

i can't begin to imagine where the next 8 years will take us- but i hope it include a lot of laughing, traveling and loving on our babies...and maybe a trip to hawaii if we're good.

all of the babysitters are out of town, so i think we'll celebrate with the kidlets & some sparklers on the back deck.

love you merv.