Wednesday, September 30, 2009

all about us...

cute book. just wait until you've been married for a few to fill it out....we filled it out the first like 3 days after we got married and i don't remember it being that great. in fact i think we mostly fought and got our feelings hurt. so on our drive down to the oregon coast this summer, i brought a new one along. merv drove, lola slept and i read and wrote.... it was fun. (cody was in the other car with aunt arah and brinley.)

i use to keep a few on hand to give to newlyweds and couples for anniversary gift. at times it does kind of feel like your doing a corny on-line survey but most of it is pretty fun. .

"....Well, it's really all about you. With questions about romance and sex, daily routines and the life of your dreams, All About Us will help you and your partner discover more about yourselves and each other than you ever imagined possible. Whether you fill it out separately, together or ask and answer questions aloud, this unique book will help you to deepen your relationship and discover that, once again, love is the answer...."

i kind of love this right now too. but i love dire straits....

Monday, September 28, 2009

tshirt dress.

i really wish i was better with the sewing machine. i would love to make

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

7 month lola.

lola crawls all over the universe... well more army crawls- like a fast lizard. she cruises around like the worlds fastest salamander. that's her nik name this week. salamander

she talks nonstop. here she is talking to her crab.
shes super squishy
and had weird stuffed animals. (ya, i know the tutu...give me a break right?)

drools a lot but has no teeth

has an obsessed brother. he loves her to death, she doesn't bother him or his things too much yet and he thinks its hilarious when i put her in bed with him in the mornings to wake him up.

loves smooches, smiles and laughs all the time.

(and holy crap, my hair is nasty. this trying-to-grow-out-the-short-hair-phase is not cute. i kind of look like a 1982 whitesnake video.)

Sunday, September 20, 2009


i went to my senior year of high school and a cosmetology program with a girl named melissa. after high school we went our separate ways but she ended up marrying an old friend of the family. i ran into her off and on over the years but i had no idea what had gone on in her life. i was blown away when i found out about it. i had heard bits and peices of her story around a year ago and knew she was in the process of writing a book about it.... the book just came out and it's such an incredible story.

she was on oprah a few days ago explaining it all and will be in people magazine next week along with an appearance on the today show.

it just so happened that she was in town at the borders bookstore kicking off a book signing tour(?) this afternoon so my sister and i where able to go in and see her. she is just as sweet as ever. i am very proud of her. it really puts my own life and personal issues into perspective.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

fair rednecks.

**does anyone have any interest in having some family pictures done at dusk as the fair as the backdrop...? just wondering...

does it make you a bone a fide redneck if you actually enjoy going to the county fair and even look forward to it a little? i remember the first year we moved here. my senior year in high school. we had been in spokane about 3 days and spencer miller took me along to the fair with a group. i experienced my first demolation derby ( i remember they moved us up the stadium a few rows because a car came flying through the gate a few feet in front of us...) and i remember him buying one of those little potato guns (not the ones that luanch the whole potato just the one that shoots tiny bits of potato...)and shooting the bulls in the balls. ya, nice right?

"..ummm my jams up here in this region somewhere...."

seriously, is this even legal? isn't here some kind if age resriction or at least height to ride a llama? who's baby is this? goodness sakes....only at the spokane county fair. proof that we live near northern idaho. (where the real rednecks reside.)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

3rd place. not bad.

...and you couldn't wipe the smile of cody's face.

Friday, September 11, 2009

fair time.

last year cody asked me about entering something into the fair. we don't have any farm animals hanging out and the garden with humongous produce never happened this year... so i scrolled through the categories to see what else was available, we discovered that you can enter jam.

thank goodness for gramma's. he went and picked raspberries with gramma edie and canned them with gramma lana (...they helped him with it all, i just did the paperwork.). we turned the finished product in a couple of days ago and the fair starts tomorrow night. it was cute because the little old lady helping us label the jam checked each jar (i brought 4 along...just in case...) and helped him choose the single best candidate. holding it up to the light and checking for the best "head" space, checking the color...he was able to enter it into the youth raspberry jam lot so maybe he'll have a good chance of placing. we had a long talk about winning and being a good sport when we don't. the last minute i entered some pictures into the fair just for fun. there are maybe 10 different categories and you can enter one photo per category. (ya, some of these have been on here before.)
snow& ice:

b/w portrait:
color portrait:
general color:
i ran and blew these up and matted them the day of the deadline about a month ago. looking at them now, (i'm wondering what i was thinking with a few?...i like them, but maybe not entry-worthy-like-them. it is kind of tricky coming up with the exact qualifications for each category though....)but i gotta say... i'd be lying if i wasn't a teensy bit excited to see this picture blown up jumbo huge & displayed at the spokane county fair which starts this weekend.

general b/w:
mostly because it's been a secret from matt. can't wait to see his reaction to his lovely singing face displayed for the world to see... maybe it will win blue ribbon too and make it into the paper. then he'll be a local celebrity. i know he will love that. hopefully i wont be disowned as sister-in-law.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

mmmmmm. peep cake.

why didn't i think of this...

holy crap.. is this for real??
someone actually thought this was a good idea?
(...found while searching the universe for wedding photos...)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

i love this

i'm finally sorting through summer pictures. maybe some day soon i'll get around to posting the rest from this trip. but i can't resist this little gem that i just discovered for now:

seaside oregon.2009

2nd grade.

a week into second grade and so far, so good. a few teeny tiny minor melt downs but we love that fact that our school uses a looping program with the same teacher and kids in the same classroom for 2 years. much easier adjustment into school.
"i just need fast shoes so i can be better at p.e. mom."

6 month(ish) fat potato

*weighing in at nearly 18 lbs
*sending hand me downs to her older cousin sarah
*scoots all over the floor like a lizard with her belly flat and her legs and arms moving around...
*LOVES kids. any and all.

cody asking me about lola's latest nickname, fat potato:
cody: "mama why do you call her that?"
me:"cause she LOVES to eat sweet potatoes the best. and she eats A LOT of them."