Wednesday, September 23, 2009

7 month lola.

lola crawls all over the universe... well more army crawls- like a fast lizard. she cruises around like the worlds fastest salamander. that's her nik name this week. salamander

she talks nonstop. here she is talking to her crab.
shes super squishy
and had weird stuffed animals. (ya, i know the tutu...give me a break right?)

drools a lot but has no teeth

has an obsessed brother. he loves her to death, she doesn't bother him or his things too much yet and he thinks its hilarious when i put her in bed with him in the mornings to wake him up.

loves smooches, smiles and laughs all the time.

(and holy crap, my hair is nasty. this trying-to-grow-out-the-short-hair-phase is not cute. i kind of look like a 1982 whitesnake video.)


Darla said...

Whatev! You're hot and you know it. I love the hair. Mine's about the same length, but doesn't have the cool beach hair look. Lola is ADORABLE!

Josh n Betsie said...

first off i thought your hair looks way cute. and lola is so freaking cute. I can't believe she is 7 months already

Marnie said...

I put Norah in the girls beds to wake them too. Or if they are upset with me I use Norah to snap them out of it.

PS your hair is cute.

Lisa Farman said...

I love the tutu. Chris doesn't think she needs one just yet. I'll have to have him see Lola's. She is so adorable in it.

Marnie said...

Lola's peachy head is very cute. I bet she'll have tons of hair. Fat babies grow tall. Peach heads get all the hair latter.

Blasé said...

What a Cute lil' Family!

Peace and Love