Friday, September 11, 2009

fair time.

last year cody asked me about entering something into the fair. we don't have any farm animals hanging out and the garden with humongous produce never happened this year... so i scrolled through the categories to see what else was available, we discovered that you can enter jam.

thank goodness for gramma's. he went and picked raspberries with gramma edie and canned them with gramma lana (...they helped him with it all, i just did the paperwork.). we turned the finished product in a couple of days ago and the fair starts tomorrow night. it was cute because the little old lady helping us label the jam checked each jar (i brought 4 along...just in case...) and helped him choose the single best candidate. holding it up to the light and checking for the best "head" space, checking the color...he was able to enter it into the youth raspberry jam lot so maybe he'll have a good chance of placing. we had a long talk about winning and being a good sport when we don't. the last minute i entered some pictures into the fair just for fun. there are maybe 10 different categories and you can enter one photo per category. (ya, some of these have been on here before.)
snow& ice:

b/w portrait:
color portrait:
general color:
i ran and blew these up and matted them the day of the deadline about a month ago. looking at them now, (i'm wondering what i was thinking with a few?...i like them, but maybe not entry-worthy-like-them. it is kind of tricky coming up with the exact qualifications for each category though....)but i gotta say... i'd be lying if i wasn't a teensy bit excited to see this picture blown up jumbo huge & displayed at the spokane county fair which starts this weekend.

general b/w:
mostly because it's been a secret from matt. can't wait to see his reaction to his lovely singing face displayed for the world to see... maybe it will win blue ribbon too and make it into the paper. then he'll be a local celebrity. i know he will love that. hopefully i wont be disowned as sister-in-law.


Nikkei said...

Good luck! I love the pictures!

Josh n Betsie said...

what was he singing at. That is awesome. I want that picture. I miss everyone so much. Hey I entered some of my homemade strawberry jam in the spokane fair once. Even got a blue ribbon. GO CODY

Darla said...

ooh! I LOVE all the pics. And Cody?! I just wish I knew him better!! He seems so sweet and sensitive. I can't believe he made jam and entered it into the county (or state?) fair. What a sweet boy.

Forever Young said...

SOOOOO just in case you were wondering... you have the cutes family. I love your new family photo, very cool.

Kera said...

i love the last picture of arah's husband singing. i've always wanted to sing like that. only the shower gets to hear my melodys.

Rocia said...

i'm laughing so hard at the picture of matt...hilarious! i LOVE your pics julie!