Wednesday, October 14, 2009


a few things:
am i the only one that gets overwhelmed with laundry? especially when your loosing the baby weight so your wardrobe keeps changing and the kids grow out of everything. (the only person around here who stays the same year after year is merv. that & he keeps his sock drawer immaculate....) i seem s to me that as soon as i feel like i'm caught up on laundry the weekend comes and its all back!!

came across this today {here} and it completely describes how i'm feeling:

"'s been so nice just having what we need (and what fits!) and more regular washing/putting away in it's place (as opposed to my usual routine of a gigantic pile of clean washing in my bedroom that cannot be put away due to overstuffing of all drawers/excessive amounts of illfitting clothing etc)."

i wish i could get on top of all of the excess. that's my big goal. and also balancing my life. but i keep reminding myself that i'm not wonder woman. i have to work, be a mom and juggle everything else. but i've been doing a pretty good job about sorting through and getting rid of clutter. i hate clutter! time and season for everything right?

...we have managed to squeeze in some fun.

us at greenbluff for the tradish pumpkin picture... it was super duper cold so we lasted oh, about 5 minutes i would say.

-i'm bummed out that i will not be running the sf womens marathon this weekend with kera. boohoo. but thats ok. i'd rather stay here and do laundry. ;)


jordan and maci said...

here here on the overwhelming clothing issues of everyday life! at least moms can never be accused of not clothing the naked, right?:) by the way, i am not sure what your schedule allows, but i used to do all of my laundry on the weekends, and then realized, "hey wait, i want to have fun on the weekends, and not worry about laundry of all things." so i switched to tuesdays--if you can do it, i highly recommend changing laundry day to sometime during the week:)

Marnie said...

If you shove as many loads of clean clothes that you can fit into the dryer then it seems done.I go through phases: sometimes I am super on top of the laundery because I know what happens if I am not. But even still, it never ends; Fae has peed all over her clothes and bedding, Norah has had a poop blow out and there is one dish rag I forgot to put in the wash.
Way to go on trying to siplify. Less is always more, right?

Darla said...

Good news is: you're losing the baby weight..and so soon! Good for you. I just FINALLY lost my last 10 lbs training for this half marathon. I hate, HATE, laundry. I just put a TON away and still have a huge basketfull of whites to fold (plus another batch in the dryer)...PLUS, all three hampers are full. Now that's just wrong. Wrong and evil. Can we all just have 3 outfits, please?!