Sunday, November 1, 2009

baby bee, obe wan kenobi, mrs.witch and mr.awesome.

halloween 2009:
8 or 900 parties, events, carnivals...and my wonderful mom being the sport of the year by donning her historic witch costume for the class party ...getting into character with the her notorious witch cackle and all...if you have had the privelage of hearing her, it's the best!! (...i may get kicked out of being codys classroom mom by letting her suprise the class party and scare the crap out of a few children...) i'll post pictures if i can get my hands on them.

us getting ready to head out for our final round of 2009 halloween goodness...

"quick cody!! the infant bee is escaping!!"

me:"and you are?..."

him:"mr awesome, of course."

me:"of course."


DeAnne said...

LOL! "mr. awesome, of course" That is funny :)

Kera said...

I caught myself a baby bumble bee, wont my mother be so proud of me! That song has been in my head all week. I love halloween. and Fall.

Darla said...

I love you guys. And I LOVE that quote you posted most recently. Gotta spend that "quality time", ya know?