Friday, November 13, 2009


what a nutty went like this:

-during the mad morning dash to make it to codys bus stop by 8:16, i locked myself out of house with out keys... or a phone & we miss the bus to boot. ran across the street to neighbors & waited for merv to save the day and race cody to school.

-repeat the scenario the next day. yes, i locked myself out again. thankfully bundled lola in her snow gear for walk to bus stop and grabbed my cell phone the second time. called grandma and waited. (WAY to embarrassed to knock on neighbors door again... i'm pretty sure that they already think we're wack-o's as it is.)

-ipod bites the dust at the gym -running not so fun without i pod. dug out old radio arm band. and wow, that dinosaur is such a piece of crap. boo. what happens when your ipod stops working anyway? do you ship it off for a new battery? do you just by a new ipod??

-go see christmas carol movie with merv and kids. super good!! one of my favorite stories...a little dark for kidlets. -brinley covered her eyes for at least 1/2, but lola was a champ and only jabbered a little.

-merv goes out of town. (although i'm sure he is secretly rejoicing to get to hang out at night and watch movies in a fancy bed.)

-pretty sure that my wallets been stolen so i cancel cards.

-oops! false alarm wallets found 1/2 hour or so later... writing checks is no fun!

in other news...

-lola sprouted some new teeth for a grand total of 3!

-thanksgiving is coming and we love thanksgiving!! and christmas!!

-cody is hilarious and won't shut up about the roman empire (ya, don't ask), and roman columns and warriors, and hurricanes and tornadoes... his latest obsessions. he tells me everything he reads about like he's the first to discover it and he LOVES to read. its cute.
these pictures have no relevance what so ever to anything that i wrote. when i get stressed out i look through old photos and these made me smile.

i love codys feet in this one..
this was a portrait kelsey made of her grandma. strong resmemblence i think. don't you?
if they weren't cousins i think these 2 would get married.


Darla said...

This post was HILARIOUS! Julie, you crack me up. I get super green with envy when I read about your life up in Spokane. Yes, yes..I know nobody has a perfect life, but your family, and your relationships with them, seems close to perfect. That's pretty sweet. Oh, you're funny..

Arah said...

mom is such a nerd. i love that picture of her. Brinley and I are getting a good laugh.

Joy said...

Julie - You guys are welcome at our house anytime! It's good to know that you really are not Superwoman after all. :) Totally something I would do.


Marnie said...

I got a good laugh too.

Forever Young said...

Loved hearing your week. I miss you guys:)

Forever Young said...

Loved hearing your week. I miss you guys:)