Monday, November 16, 2009

madeline james photography

been working like crazy to juggle "8OO million things" (i overuse this saying, merv tells me...) but finally feel confident enough to post about this.

so...... arah and i have both been occasional photographers of friends and family for years and have decided to take it a little more seriously and see where it goes. this little(HUGE) project has actually been in the works for quite a while. the website is still brewing, but upon many requests i have finally decided to just post the link to the makeshift site/blog on here.
the name alone took forever to decide upon. i think its sweet and pretty and dear to my heart. (middle name of both brinely and cody combined....) people always asking who madeline james is. i've even been called madeline a few times from customers assuming its my name...anyway, it is fun. and a good excuse to buy new lenses and equipment.

...this vintage camera, a gift from mervs mama.

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Marnie said...

It looks really really great. Good job you two.