Monday, December 14, 2009

christmas ornaments.

so i really should be doing something else, but lola is taking a nap, so i'm taking a little break too....

my moms christmas tree is always so gorgeous. like she hired a decorator or spent a week putting it together... and somehow she still finds a place for all of the goodies from grandkids and homemade ornaments to blend in without looking silly or tacky. it truly is a sight to see. along with the way she transforms the rest of her house into the best & most magical christmas hangout ever.

i was noticing how the older i get the more my own christmas tree is starting to look like the hodge-podge style charlie brown christams tree. every year there are more ornaments to put on it. i haven't quite gotten the niche down on how to get ALL of the ornaments on the tree and to make it look great, but cody still loves it so thats all that matters. :) and lola enjoys ripping off anything within her 2 foot reach. the tree skirt looks ridiculous after she wads it up in a ball. she thinks its a blanket or something. after fixing it every 5 minutes i finally gave up. i wasnt able to put up as much as usual around the house this year.

ive been collecting special ornaments every year for each of us. mervs seem to always revolve around a music theme. this functioning kick drum is a hit every year when we pull it out of the box.

merv & i get a combo "Love" ornament. usually 2turtle doves.

...and cody gets what ever he likes. he especially loves this airplane and the trains.

and THE PICKLE!! if you haven't tested out this tradition, i recommend doing it pronto amigo. always a big hit, the kids (and grown ups) love it!! the tree sometimes gets destroyed by the big pickle seekers.
it is a quaint tradition that nobody wants to claim. i have no idea where it was started or much about it. kind of like the new years baby shoe tradition.... a pickle-shaped ornament is the last one hung on the tree on christmas eve. the first child to find the christmas pickle gets an extra special gift ...or so the so-called legend goes....

many, many old school from childhood ornaments. the baby jesus in a nutshell manger is codys favorite... i've had it since i was about 4ish? i remember picking it out on a trip to visit relatives in battleground i think??
this bell & pink bear came from my grandma they are both pretty special.

handmade with love by cody a few years back...
and i must say that codys got a pretty handsome nutcracker collection. it keeps growing every year. someday i want to get him one of the really big ones HE LOVES THEM! i think he looks at them like his very own army of soldiers or something. he told me that had to be up high this year so lola wouldn't touch them. they look lovely on the shelf.

and speaking of shelves...the new built in ones are fun to decorate.
my find of the year was this vintage angel for the top. i love her. merv calls her the kera angel, because her hair is awesome & looks like my very sweet friend kera's did before she dyed it brown again which is just as cute. (....meant with all love and respect of course....) kera-angels hair is fun to play with and comes complete with gold bows.

i guess i should have taken a picture of the whole tree maybe, huh?


Lana said...

Have Cody find the Polor Express bell. I forgot to give Lola hers. I guess she can pick her own off the tree. I know Sarah Mae did. I love all your ornaments and your tree is just as special to Cody as you think mine is to you. But if you want to come help me put up the rest of the decor, I'll let you. My village and garland is missing or did you notice?

Kera said...

right on!!! i'm going blonde again in a few weeks! ha ha. what can i say, i crave change.

love cody's nutcracker collection. i love nostalgic holiday decor.

Hampers said...

Just gone through your Christmas ornaments and found it to be wonderful. Like the doll very much. Have a wonderful Christmas.

DeAnne said...

We have the Christmas Pickle too, but we never do anything with it. Maybe when the kids are older. Beautiful pictures!

jen said...

We have that same airplane ornament! :) Your ornaments are great, as I'm sure your tree is, too. Brennan's afraid of the Christmas tree this year, we lucked out big time. Although, just about every present that's been set down within a 20 feet radius of him has been ripped apart. :)

Brian said...

haha, That tree topper is cool.

Alison said...

cute cute stuff Julie! I love your style.

On your side bar of websites you like, I love that How about orange site. i made some of those felt bows and they are dang cute. :)

Just thought I'd tell you that for some reason. :)

Forever Young said...

Love it. Ashton and I get a new ornament every year too. It is a fun tradition:)
Love Kera's hair, he, he, he.

Anonymous said...

julie, i love our tree and you do a great job every year transforming our casa into our very own magical christmas lair. its my favorite place to be.

love always,