Sunday, January 31, 2010


this week i played with play-do, took pictures, ran, decluttered, ate a lot of good food and had the worlds best grilled cheese and tomato soup at brooklyn deli, filed taxes, watched merv's band win the battle of the bands out at eastern, and chatted with friends....

it's strange how time goes by and different relationships change and evolve and some even dissolve. a lot of it has to do with perspectives changing, people moving, getting married, jobs...etc. for me a big factor is time. i only have so much of it!! and so much i want to do! we're all given the same amount of time and we each choose what to do with it right? i have my priorities stacked in my mind and i'm constantly juggling to fit things in. they have done a complete 360 over the past 8 years or so. if i look back at my past self and some of the choices i made i want to cringe!! what was i thinking?? chalk it up to a big fat line of learning experiences....

i love my husband. it amazes me we've stuck through so much together. i love him way more now than ever before. and i'm super proud of him for pursuing his goals and making them a reality, even with every road block and hurdle thats been thrown in our path. we have conquered them like super heros.

i think some of my best friends are my family. i love my mom and sisters and sister in law. so grateful to have such a good bond with them all. even though i know we have all been stressed to the limit lately we manage to keep in touch and take care of each other. they seem to love me: flaws and all.

my relationship with my kids is a pretty big priority these days. i volunteer to help in cody class pretty often because i love it and just to keep up on his ever changing life, and lola and i are connected at the hip. i'm so thankful i get to raise them fully and be their mom instead of having to send them off and to have someone else take care of their needs and boogers. im pretty sure that would make me sad and hollow inside. all a matter of how you choose to use your time.

sometimes i'll go years between seeing old friends but then we hit it off like we haven't missed a beat when we do. facebook had been great for reconnecting. this past week i was able to go out to lunch with an old girlfriend from my beauty school days(...we also randomly ran into each other a few years later in a lamaze class when we were both pregnant. i was pregnant with cody...her daughter was born 2 days after he was) and reconnect. it was great.

i also got to hang out with the beautiful kera who let me take pictures of her & baby reese. always so fun to see her and chat. wish we had more time.

...and i love my running partner. even when she makes me want to pull my hair our and puke along side the road. sometimes i feel like i'm on top of my fitness goals until i take a run with her. she pushes me more than i want to push myself.

this is starting to sound like some kind of a corny acceptance speech: "i love you all and want to thank each of you....personally."

Monday, January 25, 2010

a few things i learned this week.

if your in the mood to break your new years resolution of loosing five pounds...this stuff is tasty... however i recommend sticking to just plain ol cheddar or sharp cheddar cheese. we made it with fancy pants cheese & it was still super duper good.

we've been in major declutter-and-get-rid-of-crap-mode. years ago i threw away all of the cd cases. the cds were no longer in them anyway. they were all in cd folders. merv's a super hero & spent the last few weeks burning the entire collection (around 200 or so) to an external hard drive!! go merv. way to keep up with technology. so not knowing what to do with them...we listed the entire collection on craigslist for $50. that's like a quarter a cd or something..... we got a ton of response within a short while so maybe next time we go to sell out cd collection, we'll ask at least double that. ;)

if your goal is to run faster or work out harder... find a partner who is faster than you! i've been running the very hilly bloomsday course pretty regularly over the last couple of months, in hopes that maybe i'll be able to runa marathon..i thought i was doing pretty good until my very competitive friend kristina asked if she could run with me. so she did twice this week and she seriously kicked my butt. her time was a good 5 minutes faster than me. i guess i'm more of a distance runner than a speed runner. i'm ok with that.

kids & babys are funny! they make me laugh every single day. cody: "mom, can i live here forever?" me:" yes, cody. you can." ...until you change your mind when your about 17. i really do hope he wants to stay close to us forever. lola is a funny baby. her favorite activities include talking in a deep raspy sqwak, and eating. she will be 1 year old in just a few short weeks! we plan to throw her a one year old sized valentines birthday party.

i believe our seasons are messed up. last week it was sunny and 55 in spokane. what!? i think we've had maybe 2 inches of snow this year. but i could be over estimating. we played outside off and on all afternoon saturday.

i, overuse, commas,,,,, maybe i should enroll in another english class and sharpen up on my rusty writing skillz.

Monday, January 18, 2010


arah and i took the kids to seattle to see the family and do a little work since we had a long weekend... we had some time to do a few dorky touristy things while we were there too. the kids haven't been up to the top of the space needle and i haven't in about 10 years so went to check it out. it's pretty much the exact same... except way more expensive. cody loved it. the body exhibit was super incredible too.

sarah is tiny & hilarious. she loves her fur-real pet and carries it everywhere like a baby....
these girls are cute.
thanks for letting us come hang out and ride your 4-wheelers.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


me: did you know that we almost named you toby before you were born?
cody: toby??
me:ya, that name was on the list. and we loved it but not as much as cody.
cody: oh man, im sure glad you didn't name me toby...
me:how come?
cody:i think that would have been terrible. i would make a really wierd looking toby, cause i mostly just look like myself- cody.
me: ya, thank goodness we stuck to cody.

Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 goals.

2010! seriously? entirely a new decade(well some argue that it's not until next year...whatever) merv was telling me the other night how this last decade was sort of like "our decade", because we have had history starting back in 2000 when we met at makaela's birth... melancholy. if i recall, last year a this time i was anticipating how life would change with the birth of our own baby and did it ever....for the better.

i looked over last years resolutions. i'm happy to say that i accomplished at least a few... and here are a few that i'm aiming to accomplish in the year twenty-ten (that sounds a little strange.):

i’m hoping to find a better balance in my life between time spent between family/ business/me/social life.

quit being judgmental. humility goes a long way.

have more faith/less cynicism.

take a much needed trip alone with merv. ummm... i do belive hawaii would might do the trick.

run a marathon.

plant an above ground garden.

play more guitar.

go to bed earlier.

take cody & lola (and merv!) to see the grand canyon.

turn off the computer more often...

in the mean time, have you ever tried taking a picture of three very mobile babies? not an easy task... but gerber baby puffs snacks, ridiculous noises and plenty of stuffed animals do help. i'm trying to decide which edit i like better ...sweet baby cousins: chloe 12 months, sarah 13 1/2 months, lola 10 1/2 months.

Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 recap.

wow. what a year it was... so to sum it up, i would say it was a year of humility and learning from mistakes and loving and laughing.... and another year in the books.

this year we: welcomed lola joon to the family (...and as excruciating as a natural/drug free birth was- i was pretty darn proud of myself for sticking to it...), visited utah, seaside, & seattle on literally the hottest day in seattle history unintentionally.... went to the beach, the lake, the river, the fireworks, lit fireworks, roasted marshmallows, had bonfires, lost some teeth, grew some teeth, hung out with relatives, some from far away ( the jensens, the lester ericksons, the jordan ericksons, the meakers....) went to a reunion, snoqualmie falls (yay!), palouse falls (yuck!), ran bloomsday, picked pumpkins, carved some pumpkins, finshed the fireplace, installed a new tub, wore ugly sweaters to a really ugly sweater christmas party, played rockband, went snowboarding, skateboarding, longboarding, bikeboarding (haha! just kidding...), turned 35, 30, and 7, had lots of picnics at the park, went to some weddings, presented a dinosaur research project, won the pine wood derby, played lots and lots of drums and shows, went to silverwood and came home with the worlds ugliest company monogrammed denim jacket known to man... played soccer, lazer tag, light sabers, and watched endless episodes of starwars, dyed easter eggs, hunted easter eggs, played ds, legos, ticket to ride and carcasan, gardened, planted shrubs, shoveled snow, talked to a moose or 2, climbed a mountain, started 2nd grade, took pictures, ate apricots, raspberries, blue berries, and apples, perfected the art of the monte cristo sandwich, played with neighbors, had sleepovers with cousins, went to the fair, won some awards at the fair, got stung by a bee.... and here are pictures to prove :