Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 goals.

2010! seriously? entirely a new decade(well some argue that it's not until next year...whatever) merv was telling me the other night how this last decade was sort of like "our decade", because we have had history starting back in 2000 when we met at makaela's birth... melancholy. if i recall, last year a this time i was anticipating how life would change with the birth of our own baby and did it ever....for the better.

i looked over last years resolutions. i'm happy to say that i accomplished at least a few... and here are a few that i'm aiming to accomplish in the year twenty-ten (that sounds a little strange.):

i’m hoping to find a better balance in my life between time spent between family/ business/me/social life.

quit being judgmental. humility goes a long way.

have more faith/less cynicism.

take a much needed trip alone with merv. ummm... i do belive hawaii would might do the trick.

run a marathon.

plant an above ground garden.

play more guitar.

go to bed earlier.

take cody & lola (and merv!) to see the grand canyon.

turn off the computer more often...

in the mean time, have you ever tried taking a picture of three very mobile babies? not an easy task... but gerber baby puffs snacks, ridiculous noises and plenty of stuffed animals do help. i'm trying to decide which edit i like better ...sweet baby cousins: chloe 12 months, sarah 13 1/2 months, lola 10 1/2 months.


Wonderland Girl said...

Soooo cute! Love those pictures.

Anonymous said...

Now that Lola is nearly a year old, you should also resolve to update your Blog profile..."i'm cody's mama & merv's wife."

That would be an easy one to cross of the completed list! :)

Super cute girl pictures.


Lisa Farman said...

I love the cousins in their matching Christmas dresses. Soooo cute.