Sunday, January 31, 2010


this week i played with play-do, took pictures, ran, decluttered, ate a lot of good food and had the worlds best grilled cheese and tomato soup at brooklyn deli, filed taxes, watched merv's band win the battle of the bands out at eastern, and chatted with friends....

it's strange how time goes by and different relationships change and evolve and some even dissolve. a lot of it has to do with perspectives changing, people moving, getting married, jobs...etc. for me a big factor is time. i only have so much of it!! and so much i want to do! we're all given the same amount of time and we each choose what to do with it right? i have my priorities stacked in my mind and i'm constantly juggling to fit things in. they have done a complete 360 over the past 8 years or so. if i look back at my past self and some of the choices i made i want to cringe!! what was i thinking?? chalk it up to a big fat line of learning experiences....

i love my husband. it amazes me we've stuck through so much together. i love him way more now than ever before. and i'm super proud of him for pursuing his goals and making them a reality, even with every road block and hurdle thats been thrown in our path. we have conquered them like super heros.

i think some of my best friends are my family. i love my mom and sisters and sister in law. so grateful to have such a good bond with them all. even though i know we have all been stressed to the limit lately we manage to keep in touch and take care of each other. they seem to love me: flaws and all.

my relationship with my kids is a pretty big priority these days. i volunteer to help in cody class pretty often because i love it and just to keep up on his ever changing life, and lola and i are connected at the hip. i'm so thankful i get to raise them fully and be their mom instead of having to send them off and to have someone else take care of their needs and boogers. im pretty sure that would make me sad and hollow inside. all a matter of how you choose to use your time.

sometimes i'll go years between seeing old friends but then we hit it off like we haven't missed a beat when we do. facebook had been great for reconnecting. this past week i was able to go out to lunch with an old girlfriend from my beauty school days(...we also randomly ran into each other a few years later in a lamaze class when we were both pregnant. i was pregnant with cody...her daughter was born 2 days after he was) and reconnect. it was great.

i also got to hang out with the beautiful kera who let me take pictures of her & baby reese. always so fun to see her and chat. wish we had more time.

...and i love my running partner. even when she makes me want to pull my hair our and puke along side the road. sometimes i feel like i'm on top of my fitness goals until i take a run with her. she pushes me more than i want to push myself.

this is starting to sound like some kind of a corny acceptance speech: "i love you all and want to thank each of you....personally."

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Darla said...

Ah, Jules (I've never called you that before, but oh well). This is a great post. I loved it. Time. Oh, time! Cole's already in his 8th year and it's scary to me how he's not a little one anymore. And Dayne!! Poor Dayne is that forgotten middle child who starts Kindergarten in 6 short months and I didn't even realize she'd started know what I mean. I miss friends and family being so far out here as we are...I need to reconnect. Thanks for this wonderful post.