Monday, January 25, 2010

a few things i learned this week.

if your in the mood to break your new years resolution of loosing five pounds...this stuff is tasty... however i recommend sticking to just plain ol cheddar or sharp cheddar cheese. we made it with fancy pants cheese & it was still super duper good.

we've been in major declutter-and-get-rid-of-crap-mode. years ago i threw away all of the cd cases. the cds were no longer in them anyway. they were all in cd folders. merv's a super hero & spent the last few weeks burning the entire collection (around 200 or so) to an external hard drive!! go merv. way to keep up with technology. so not knowing what to do with them...we listed the entire collection on craigslist for $50. that's like a quarter a cd or something..... we got a ton of response within a short while so maybe next time we go to sell out cd collection, we'll ask at least double that. ;)

if your goal is to run faster or work out harder... find a partner who is faster than you! i've been running the very hilly bloomsday course pretty regularly over the last couple of months, in hopes that maybe i'll be able to runa marathon..i thought i was doing pretty good until my very competitive friend kristina asked if she could run with me. so she did twice this week and she seriously kicked my butt. her time was a good 5 minutes faster than me. i guess i'm more of a distance runner than a speed runner. i'm ok with that.

kids & babys are funny! they make me laugh every single day. cody: "mom, can i live here forever?" me:" yes, cody. you can." ...until you change your mind when your about 17. i really do hope he wants to stay close to us forever. lola is a funny baby. her favorite activities include talking in a deep raspy sqwak, and eating. she will be 1 year old in just a few short weeks! we plan to throw her a one year old sized valentines birthday party.

i believe our seasons are messed up. last week it was sunny and 55 in spokane. what!? i think we've had maybe 2 inches of snow this year. but i could be over estimating. we played outside off and on all afternoon saturday.

i, overuse, commas,,,,, maybe i should enroll in another english class and sharpen up on my rusty writing skillz.


Hope said...

I overuse dashes-hyphens.
Like---way, too much!

Lana said...

I just saw this kiddo the other day and I believe she's sweeter and more loveable that the other day.

Anonymous said...

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Kera said...

patrick tried making this on sunday. it turned out nasty. wonder what happened :)

Kera said...

i love lola's shoes. so cute.

julie said...

it prob really was nasty and i just didnt want to admit it after the slave labor of preparing it... it took about a year.

Darla said...

STOP!! Your english is fine! Lola's boots? She's a doll baby. I miss babies...but not enough to get pregnant. It's been snowing non-stop here. Hate it. I've taken up spin classes at the gym which I have yet to "like", but keep going because I sweat like a pig and know they're good for me. I signed up for a 10K in March, but haven't done any training whatsoever for it. Oh well. Training is really just for half and full marathons, don't ya think? Gotta run. (;