Thursday, January 7, 2010


me: did you know that we almost named you toby before you were born?
cody: toby??
me:ya, that name was on the list. and we loved it but not as much as cody.
cody: oh man, im sure glad you didn't name me toby...
me:how come?
cody:i think that would have been terrible. i would make a really wierd looking toby, cause i mostly just look like myself- cody.
me: ya, thank goodness we stuck to cody.


Rocia said...

cutest thing i have ever heard.

Kera said...

i love the name cody! excited to see you in two weeks! we should have a little photo shoot maybe on green bluff... let me know what you think.

DeAnne said...

very logical thinking

Anonymous said...

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Forever Young said...

Could he be any more adorable... ?

Risawn said...

Hey, I know that shirt! (did I get that for him?)