Tuesday, February 2, 2010

lovey stuff.

these cats crack me up. they're so serious like.

i'm not feeling so pretty lately. inside or out. maybe its the time of year or something. exercise helps. in fact i've been running longer and faster lately. always looking for new music to run with..these are motivating the crap out of me to run faster this week: bittersweet symphony by the verve, hot mess by cobra starship, precious by depeche mode, heartbreak warfare by john mayer, yeah by usher & rap tight by elliot lipp to name a few. don't judge. it's not like i blare this raunchy stuff to the kids. i'm only polluting my own ears through headphones. a marathon running friend of mine told me she never listens to music when she runs. i don't know how she does it but i've heard the same thing from other people. maybe thats my problem and i should give it a shot.
...just a lot on mind and i'm having a really hard time concentrating on the work i should be doing right now. so instead i put together a valentines (and some not valentines) collage of ideas stirring in my head....

maybe i can convince cody to make these with me for all of his valentines...
i love this for lola. it looks easy peasey to make. i better get with it quick! she won't fit in a onesie pretty soon. or i'll have to buy one of those huge ones thats like size 3T or something....

i made lola some other felt hair clips but her hair is not big enough to hold them in. i am in love with this one. i think i'll try to re create it... and save it until shes 3 and maybe has some hair.
... and i nearly died when i saw these posted on a blog this morning. lola has tiny feet. still just a size 3 at almost a year! (is that normal size, maybe cody just had incredibly huge feet...)
maybe the cutest love letter of all time.
i need one of these to hang in my office. i like this way of displaying all of those little things i love and collect and save from magazines and trips and everywhere else instead of shoved in a box and forgotten... last weekend cleaning out 10 years of old crap i came across so many things i had completely forgotten about. it was like a melancholy version of christmas.
merv needs one of these to play a show in... think i could convince him?
and speaking of playing shows...i ran across this super historic one-of-mervs-old-band flyer somewhere online. its from an old band he played in when i was in high school. we didn't even know each other existed at the time, but here's the twist: see the deadlock band? i use to work with all of those deadlock guys at this retirement place for a couple of years as a i was graduating from high school and went to several of their shows. i can't remember whether merv's band cause played at any i went to or not... but still so crazy to think that we may have crossed paths years before we even met.
love this pretty hair do. i use to know how to do finger waves. i think with enough gel and a great head of hair i could do it to someone again.
for some reason i've really been drawn to these smaller simpler earring lately and not the monster dangly style i usually wear. i've been wearing pearls too. i never pictured myself wearing pearls. must be my mother rubbing off on me.

...dreaming of going here & counting down the days until school gets out. hopefully it will be a relaxing week by the beach. we're staying in gearhart this year. just a 10 minute drive north of our usual seaside, oregon location... this sounds pretty alluring i'd say "...aside from the drumbeat of the ocean, a hush abides in this oregon community, a haven for those allured by calm..."


Kera said...

love it all. my girls need some of those hair clips :)

Anonymous said...

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Marnie said...

Funny, i've been having idea's for clips and onesies in my head too. Yours are very cute.
Chloe had tiny feet too. I am very tempted to crack the pattern for those cute shoes. They look crotched and not knitted, I've got a start.

julie said...

marnie, if you figure it out...can i pay you to make me a pair?? ;)

Anonymous said...

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Forever Young said...

You are so cute, thank you for this post...It is good to know that other women feel this way too:)