Wednesday, February 17, 2010

toddling lola & running songs of the week.

-bell x1: the great defector
-t'pau: heart & sole
-vampire weekend: bryn
-vampire weekend: the kids don't stand a chance
-jeckyll & hyde: free fall

if you haven't checked out fish lake trail... you should!

in other news....we're BIG fans of both redbox and netflix... however i've noticed netflix tends to be a little delayed on the newer movies and redbox is just so darn convenient when your walking out of the store... cody saw that the new ice age dawn of the dinosaurs was available and we rented it. like 2 weeks ago. he LOVES it! i've tried to return it but i discovered that he dug it out of my bag for the 2nd time tonight when i went to take it back and didn't have it with me. we've now had it almost long enough that we could have just bought it new. or at least gotten it 1/2 off.

...and lola is toddling around. so she is now an official toddler and no longer in the infant stage, right?


Wonderland Girl said...

Lola is a cutie!! I LOVE that stage!

Hope said...

You have such beautiful children!

And we love Netflix & Redbox, too!

Kera said...

you guys are always finding the cool things to do in spokompton!
good job june bug :) way to toddle. do you hate me for calling her that?

Arah said...

Wow, Brinley has quite the outfit on. It's lovely. Oh...and hAppY bIrThdAy LOLA!!! We love your chubbyness and giggles. I think your the smiley-est baby I know.