Friday, February 19, 2010

valentine birthday party. little joonbug turned 1 today(or technically yesterday...) merv & i were reminiscing what happened a year ago today. the birth of lola was intense, but so memorable. my goal was to go 100% natural- which i did. i remember not thinking i was actually in labor. my sister arah was the one who finally convinced me that i indeed was and should probably think about preparing for the hospital. maybe it was because she came a full 2 weeks early and i wasn't expecting it. it was a short but painful, intense labor. it felt like a pushed for a year, but really it was only about 45 minutes or (which seems like at least a year!!) due to the fact that she was facing the wrong direction... but it all worked out and i can almost forget the pain enough to do it all again.

i will say that if we do have another, i would without a doubt go natural again. so many benefits not to mention you feel like a real live super hero. having a baby changes your marriage & your life in a real and good way.

lola is such a blessing. it is awesome to see the little person she is becoming. my favorite thing about her, other than her very deep raspy voice and laugh... is how mellow she is! you could say she is a happy baby 99% of the time.... and giving cody a sibling has brought out an entirely new side of him that we had never seen before. he loves her dearly. he has a very soft sweet side with babies. unless they are tearing up his lego creations or screaming at the top of their little lungs.

we had a small little family party on valentines sunday to celebrate. lola and i went shopping to target for a new birthday outfit. we couldn't find any great headbands for her so my cute friend megan and i went to joannes and bought just about every piece of headband type material we could find. i spent one night pretending to be crafty and created a ton of headbands for joonbug. on the night of party, we tried them all one. she liked the way-too-large-yellow-daisy headband the best. i agreed. so the rest of us wore her other head bands instead of party hats... ;)

her favorite activity was getting her very own special cake to destroy ( you know? one of those cheap nasty waxy things from the grocery store bakery made form spongy wedding cake?...). babies either love tearing them up or hate it. cody hated it. lola tore the thing apart. she loved ever minute of it and was so excited when she heard us all singing to her. it was very cute. she had a bath right after and then cody and sarah helped to unwrap the goods because she was much too busy pulling all of the movies and books off of the shelf... lola got some new clothes, toys and a bike seat with helmet for the back of mama's bike.

a few things about lola:
*she loves visitors at home! she gets excited and squeals when the doorbell rings or someone walks through the front door. (especially little visitors.) when she hears someone coming up the stairs she races to the door and sits.

*her hair has two crowns which causes her sparse feathery strands to grow straight up into a miniature mowhawk...

*she loves to point her pointer finger and wait for some one to touch it back - E.T. like style.

*she loves raisins so much that we have to counteract their digestive abilities with cheese!! ..which thankfully she also loves.

*she gets called a boy 9 times out of ten- no matter how much pink or how many ruffles we put her in.

* she loves to have her skin tickled softly. our good friend nicole nearly put her in a baby trance one night giving her a little foot massage.

for lolas birthday wish, she asked to have sweet potatoes for everyone in the entire world and universe because they are her favorite.


Marisa said...

She is scrumptious, Julie!

Renee' P said...

Happy Birthday Lola! Looks like it was a fun party :)
She is such a cutie!

Darla said...

Love that baby!! So cute! Happy birthday, Lola Joon.

Rocia said...

happy belated birthday lola! maybe one of these years we can get you and baine together for a joint birthday party!