Wednesday, March 24, 2010

scooter rides from lola.

good grief- that last post had a seriously debbie downer vibe. sorry about that. happy to say that the insurance company finally agreed to fix the damage on the car but the dishwasher is still toast. i'm sure glad maytags makes appliances to last 3-4 years. guess we should have opted for the $3000 version instead of the junky $600 version. oh well, life goes on. this past saturday afternoon was terrific. i was able to finally spend some time in the yard with the kids. it's nice having built in play mates right across the street. lola was loving her push a long scooter. after pushing it along for awhile, she decided to give her friend with great hair a ride.

i am really enjoying the warmer, sunnier, spring weather and looking forward to spring break next week... we've been debating between the olympic national forest (super incredible rain forest with gorgeous trees.. but wet this time of year) or southern utah/bryce canyon/grand canyon deserty trip. i would love to take cody to see where i was born and he's been wanting to see the grand canyon forever... so pretty down there with the turquoise water and red rocks.

totally contrasting landscapes. we always go over to seattle for spring break to visit with the fam(which we love!) and i think this would be a good time of year to take advantage of mild climate in southern utah instead of super hot in the summer. maybe we'll go check out the rain forest when its warmer and drier later this summer. :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


i have very few minutes left these days between family, work, photography stuff, blah, blah, blah... so this blog is the first thing to be neglected. oh well.

latest news:

cody took 17th place out of 40 this years pine wood derby. last year he took 2nd. but he was a very good sport about it. merv was in charge of the whole shebang and i think he's happy that its now behind him.

pet peeve of the minute: the battle for people's attention between me and their cell phone. it drives me nuts when i'm trying to have a conversation with someone while they are busy texting, facebooking, or whatever it is people do on their phones. a guess a quality conversation is becoming a thing of the past.

i can't get away with eating a giant plate of nachos or popcorn right before bed anymore without waking up without feeling like a bloated whale.

i've noticed that i'm generally attracted to things that are ugly-ish pretty. for example, many of the vinatge clothes that i sell, some of the odd ball decorations that i drag home or the unsightly doorways on sprague avenue that jump out at me as ideal photos shoots backdrops. gross, but i really have great ideas in mind with them. hmmmmmm....

to me, grade school = organized chaos. i always have a huge respect for teachers after spending a little time in the classroom and have no clue how they keep their sanity....and i always thought i would grow up to teach grade school.

saturday evening we were rear ended. nothing major, but it trashed the bumper and shoved the tow package at a strange angle under the 4runner. then i noticed that when i drive more than 65, it shakes. maybe just the alignment i hope? or maybe he bent the axle, i don't hope. the only problem is that the guys insurance is really trying to avoid paying for it. really? he rear ended us. pretty obvious who's at fault, right?

sunday night we took a very late night visit to the emergency room. lola had a runny nose sunday morning, but it got worse & worse & lola was pretty much hyperventilating by the time we got to the hospital. some kind of wierd cold that was clogging her airway. so they hooked us up with a nebulizer machine for home. she hates it. poor baby.

monday, i got pulled over for going 45 in a 35 going down the hill past the graveyard on government way .... it's such a natural thing to do if you know the area im talking about. the officer noticed that lola had somehow unattached the top buckle of her car seat (not the actual buckle, but the part where the 2 shoulder straps connect) and proceeded to reprimand me on car seat safety. i completely understand the importance of carseats and there value, but it was a total fluke that the top of hers happened to be unsnapped. thankfully he gave me a ticket for speeding only and let the car seat nonsense slide. i haven't had a speeding ticket in 7 years so he was kind enough to offer driving school for 6 hours on a saturday in lieu of the ticket going on my record/insurance. but my neighbor clued me in to a trick that i might try to avoid the driving school and the ticket on my record....

last night the dishwasher stopped working... i think it had something to do with lola smashing all of the buttons a bunch of times... we've tried all the resets, and unlocks and all types of special tricks. no luck. boo hoo. i have no desire to unload it and wash anything by hand but i swear my house reeks now like old baby bottles. yuck.

Monday, March 8, 2010

fuzzy headed baby.

these were taken sometime last summer in my parents yard. i was happy to find them. we took so many photos through out the past year and many haven't even been looked at since they were loaded to the hard drive. she still doesn't have much hair and it still sticks up straight.

"Get real about wasting time that could be spent in more creative ways. Get real about procrastination and the negative effect it can have in your life." {quote found here}

Thursday, March 4, 2010

march already.

1.i was happy to come across these sweet fuzzy pictures from the other night. i was testing some setting on the camera. (lola said that she is jealous of cousin sarah's hair-do, but that she will still share her blocks and babies.) grandpa brownie would be 100 today (well, yesterday...the 3rd) my fondest memories are of him riding his bike, his cherry tree and his harmonica playing. he is very, very loved.

3....while at the ymca the other morning, i picked up a registration form for a race i have never heard of : "only fools run at midnight". i think it sounds fun, the whole course is lit up! so far i've recruited a small group to run along. if you live in the spokane area, you can run the 32nd annual 3.5 mile medical lake lions club's held on 4/10/2010, at midnight of course.... "running in the dark benefits the club's sighted program by raising funds to purchase eyeglasses for the needy."

4.speaking of running, on the ol' ipod this week:

-yeah yeah yeahs:soft shock
-micheal jackson:they don't care about us
-metric:gold guns girls

5.super looking forward to taking cody to see this!!

the original disney version still freaks me out a little (kind of like the 2nd wizard of oz, return to oz...scariest kids movie of all time.) but i'm a fan of tim burton so i'm giving this one a shot.

6. do yourself a favor and buy this book... i've been reading it with cody pretty much every other night for the past few weeks. why didn't i discover it sooner??