Thursday, March 4, 2010

march already.

1.i was happy to come across these sweet fuzzy pictures from the other night. i was testing some setting on the camera. (lola said that she is jealous of cousin sarah's hair-do, but that she will still share her blocks and babies.) grandpa brownie would be 100 today (well, yesterday...the 3rd) my fondest memories are of him riding his bike, his cherry tree and his harmonica playing. he is very, very loved.

3....while at the ymca the other morning, i picked up a registration form for a race i have never heard of : "only fools run at midnight". i think it sounds fun, the whole course is lit up! so far i've recruited a small group to run along. if you live in the spokane area, you can run the 32nd annual 3.5 mile medical lake lions club's held on 4/10/2010, at midnight of course.... "running in the dark benefits the club's sighted program by raising funds to purchase eyeglasses for the needy."

4.speaking of running, on the ol' ipod this week:

-yeah yeah yeahs:soft shock
-micheal jackson:they don't care about us
-metric:gold guns girls

5.super looking forward to taking cody to see this!!

the original disney version still freaks me out a little (kind of like the 2nd wizard of oz, return to oz...scariest kids movie of all time.) but i'm a fan of tim burton so i'm giving this one a shot.

6. do yourself a favor and buy this book... i've been reading it with cody pretty much every other night for the past few weeks. why didn't i discover it sooner??


Hope said...

I love "How To Behave"! I came upon it at B&N last year and couldn't resist the purchase. Super-cute book with great advice for kids that stands the test of time!

Kera said...

that midnight run sounds so fun!